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In our first year, students and faculty have been busy! Besides completing coursework and working towards degrees, we've had the following publications, readings, awards, etc. The list will be updated as more information comes in.


Katrina Byrd

  • "Hooked" one-act play, Mississippi Writes Original, Bay St. Louis Little Theatre Tennessee Williams Festival, March 24-25, 2017.
  • "Exposed" Flash Fiction In Flight Literary Magazine.
  • "Justic.e is Blind" and "Mammygram" POMPA 2016.
  • "Consenting Adults" 10-Minute Pla. MOJOAA Performing Arts Company, Raleigh North Carolina as part "Reclamation," August 12, 2016.
  • "All Apples are not Red," Conference on the Liberal Arts, Jackson State University.
  • "Mammygram" performed in Liberty Mississippi and in Pearl Mississippi by breast cancer survivor and Mississippi University of Women Alum. Cynthia Stuart
  • Poetry reading, Mississippi Philological Association, Columbus MS, February 12, 2016

Courtney Clark

  • "Picking Up the Pieces," one-act play, Mississippi Writes Original, Bay St. Louis Little Theatre Tennessee Williams Festival

Allison Chestnut

  • Honorable mention AWP Intro Journals Project, Poetry for "County Road 518 at Country Road 24”
  • "Ice, Ice Baby: A Look at Imagery in Moira Crone’s The Ice Garden," Mississippi Philological Association, Columbus MS, February 13, 2016
  • Poetry reading at Jones County Junior College, April 12, 2016
  • Poetry reading at SCMLA, Dallas Fall 2016
  • Nominated for poetry award SCMLA, Jacksonville Fall 2016

Jeanna Graves

  • Poetry reading at Jones County Junior College, April 12, 2016

Beth Kander-Dauphin

  • "The Blue" scheduled for its world premiere with The New Colony, August 2017
  • The Kilroys List Honorable Mention ("The Bottle Tree"), 2015 & 2016
  • Ashland New Plays Festival 2016 ("Hazardous Materials") and 2015 ("The Bottle Tree")
  • "The Bottle Tree" world premiere at Stage Left Theatre, Chicago, Illinois, October-November 2016; script pending publication with Stage Rights (Los Angeles) 
  • "The Bottle Tree" premier at Bluegrass Community and Technical College in Lexington KY, June 17, 2016
  • Featured playwright, BechdelFest 2016, Broken Nose Theatre, Chicago ("One in Six")
  • Playwright-At-Work for Chicago Theatre Week 2016
  • One Minute Play Festival selection ("Actions Speak Louder") 2016
  • The Ruckus Play Festival selection ("Hazardous Materials"), June 2016
  • "Running Mates" world premiere at Fondren Theatre Workshop, Jackson MS, February 2016; multiple productions of "Running Mates," represented by Stage Rights of Los Angeles, continue nationwide 
  • Multiple productions of "Running Mates," represented by Stage Rights in Los Angeles
  • Playwright on Display for Chicago Theatre Week, January, 2016
  • Stage Left Leapfest selection ("The Bottle Tree"), July 2015
  • The New Colony Writer's Room Cohort 2.0, 2015
  • Stage Left Leapfest selection ("The Bottle Tree"), July 2015
  • The New Colony Writer's Room Cohort 2.0, 2015

Joseph Kees

Tammie Rice

  • Intern with Carolina Wren Press, Fall 2016 & Spring 2017 and Reader for the Bakwin Award
  • "purple pendelums" Haiku Journal, Issue 45. 2016.
  • "perfect statues" ThreeLine Poetry." Issue 38, 2016.
  • "We Stand Here." NatureWriting online 2016
  • "In Dreams I Remember" deLugeJournal, Issue 2.1, Fall 2016.
  • "Lessons In Laughter" NinthLetter, Winter 2017

Thomas Richardson

  • Poetry Reading, Mississippi Philological Association, Columbus MS, February 13, 2016

Julie Whitehead

  • “Bipolar Disorder at the Office” DefyingShadows.com, August 2015
  • “Julie’s Story” DefyingShadows.com, August 2015
  • “Hi. My Name Is Julie.” DefyingShadows.com, August 2015
  • “You Are Not Your Illness” DefyingShadows.com, September 2015
  • “Mental Illness Comes in Many Shapes and Sizes” DefyingShadows.com Sept. 2015
  • “What Julie Is Thankful For” DefyingShadows.com, October 2015
  • “The Bipolar Diary: Julie’s Story” DefyingShadows.com. December 2015
  • “Freedom to Breathe”, Finalist, New Southerner Literary Contest, December 2015.
  • “My Experience in a Psych Ward” DefyingShadows.com, January 2016
  • “11 Small Victories Over Depression” DefyingShadows.com, January 2016
  • “Mental Illness and Pregnancy” DefyingShadows.com, March 2016
  • “Looking For Home” NoiseMeduim.com, April 22, 2016
  • “Bullying: From One Who Lived Through It.” DefyingShadows.com, April 2016
  • “Crazy Days”, Gordian Review, Inaugural issue
  • “Dear Bob” DefyingShadows.com, May 2016
  • “My Dad and Mental Illness” DefyingShadows.com, June 2016 
  • “What My Bipolar Brain Feels Like On the Inside” DefyingShadows.com. July 2016
  • “A Day In the Life of Julie” DefyingShadows.com. August 2016
  • “Thoughts on Neurodivergence”, DefyingShadows.com, September 2016.
  • “My Biggest Fear”, DefyingShadows.com, October 2016.
  • “Dear Younger Me” DefyingShadows.com, November 2016
  • “Joy In the Midst of the Clouds”, Finalist in Nonfiction, New Southerner Literary Contest, December 2016
  • “New Years and Remission”, DefyingShadows.com. January 2017.
  • “Carrie Fisher and Stigma”, DefyingShadows.com. January 2017


Kendall Dunkelberg

  • A Writer's Craft: multi-genre creative writing, London: Palgrave/Macmillan, forthcoming 2017
  • Barrier Island Suite, Huntsville, TX: Texas Review Press, 2016.
  • Poetry Reading, Mississippi Philological Association, Columbus MS, February 13, 2016
  • “Natchez.” Down to the Dark River: Contemporary Poems about the Mississippi River. Ed. Philip C. Kolin and Jack B Bedell. Hammond, LA: Louisiana Literature Press. 2015: 41
  • “Undulant Fever,” “Asylum Roads,” and “Ocean Springs.” Poetry South 7. 2015: 34-37.
  • “The Little Room” and “Father of Waters.” Valley Voices 15.2. (2015): 7-9.
  • “Thorns.” The Cape Rock 43.1. (Summer 2015): 27
  • “Great Spirit Road,” “Nullah,” “Road to Shu,” and “The Cottage.” The Texas Review 36.1/2. (Spring/Summer 2015): 102-106

Mary Miller

  • Always Happy Hour: Stories will be published by Liveright/Norton in January, 2017. 
  • “Uphill.” Mississippi Noir. Ed. Tom Franklin. Brooklyn, NY: Akashic, August, 2016. 
  • “The 37.” Joyland, February, 2016. Online. Internet.
  • “Little Bear.” Mississippi Review, winter, 2016: 40-42.
  • “Gift Horse Gone, a Review of Joe Meno’s Marvel and a Wonder.” The New York Times Book Review, September 13, 2015: 13.
  • “The Final Days of Graceland Too.” Oxford American, July 23, 2015. Online. Internet.

Kris (T. K.) Lee

  • "Cleanliness," "In the Round," and "frogism" forthcoming in the Alembic Literary Journal, Summer/Fall 2016
  • "Blue Ribbon Woman" forthcoming in The Binnacle, Summer/Fall 2016
  • "Particular Habits," "Of Monsters," and "Riesling d'etre" in the Carolina Quarterly Review, Summer 2016
  • "Mimic" in Serving House Journal
  • "Pathology" in Studio One
  • "The Widow's Ox" in Deep South Magazine, Spring 2016
  • Fiction Reading, Mississippi Philological Association, February 12, 2016
  • About the Baby, selected for inaugural festival of the Opera House Playfest, Spring 2016
  • Bob and the Tree, selected for staged reading/literary conference, Spring 2017
  • Joe McCabe Memorial Playwriting Award, sponsored through the West Virginia Writers Conference, Spring 2016
  • Peter K. Hixson Memorial Award in Poetry, Fall 2015