Merge: The W's Undergraduate Research Journal

Merge: The W's Undergraduate Research Journal

Merge is a multidisciplinary undergraduate research publication housed in the Ina E. Gordy Honors College. The editorial staff is made up of members of the Honors College and encourages submissions from students across the university. Our purpose is to promote quality research from students of every academic discipline and level by giving them a platform for sharing their research.


Volume 1

Spring, 2017


Managing Editor:

Maddy Norgard



Colin Damms
Cassidy DeGreen
Gabrielle Lestrade

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Kim Whitehead




Faculty Referees:

Dr. Lisa Bailey
Dr. April Coleman
Dr. Nora Corrigan
Dr. Jeffrey Courtright
Dr. Sacha Dawkins
Dr. Randell Foxworth
Dr. Amber Handy
Dr. Ghanshyam Heda
Dr. Andrew Luccassan
Dr. Bridget Pieschel
Dr. Barry Smith
Mr. Alex Stelioes – Wills