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Donating Materials

Fant Memorial Library Archives and Special Collections receives both transfers of university records and donations from private individuals and groups. Please contact Archives and Special Collections before shipping any material. Department staff will then work with you to determine the most appropriate disposition of the material.

Collection Policy for the Transfer of University Records

Fant Memorial Library's Archives and Special Collections serves as a repository for materials relating to the history and culture of Mississippi University for Women. It collects, preserves, and makes available such records and artifacts that have long-term administrative, legal, fiscal or historical value. “Records” here is construed to include papers, books, pamphlets and ephemera, periodicals, photographs, maps, artwork, drawings, audiotapes, videotapes, microfilm, and digital files. Records suitable for retention in the Archives include:

  • Records generated and/or received by The W’s academic and administrative offices and departments in the conducting of university business. These materials should be inactive and no longer consulted by the originating office.

  • Records related to or published by Mississippi University for Women faculty, student, and alumni organizations.

  • Select personal and professional records of faculty, staff, students, and alumni that effectively document some aspect of the history of The W.

  • Publications produced by The W or organizations within it, such as the Meh Lady yearbook, the student newspaper The Spectator, the Dilettanti artistic and literary magazine, and annual reports.

  • Publications produced by non-affiliated persons or organizations that pertain directly to the history and culture of The W.

Archives and Special Collections is empowered and directed by the university to identify and collect inactive records of enduring value, document their physical location, preserve them, establish methods of physical and intellectual control that provide ready and consistent access to archival holdings, and make those holdings available for research. It is similarly empowered to periodically reassess its holdings and dispose of records that are no longer deemed to fit the scope of the collections policy or are no longer in usable condition in accordance with the documented terms of acquisition, University regulations, and state and federal laws.

Records generated and/or received by The W’s academic and administrative offices and departments in the conducting of university business are deemed by Mississippi state statute to be public property, and should only be destroyed after review by the University Archivist.

For any questions or to request transfer of university records to the archives, please contact the University Archivist.

Donating Materials from Students and Alumni

Archives and Special Collections is grateful for the support of The W family, and is happy to accept donations that pertain directly to the history and culture of The W. Acceptance of donations necessarily involves the committing of supplies and labor to assess, organize, and preserve the records; therefore, donors are encouraged to include a monetary donation to cover the costs of processing and preservation. Donations of significant value should be appraised by a professional, but Mississippi University for Women does not itself conduct monetary appraisals. All donations to Fant Memorial Library are subject to review by the University Archivist, who reserves the right to decline any donation, though the archivist may be able to refer the donor to a more appropriate repository.

Some examples of reasons for declining a gift include:

  • Inability of the archives to provide suitable space, staffing, or other resources needed to house, preserve, and/or provide access to the gift.

  • The gift does not fit within the scope of the archives’ collections policy.

  • The materials can be found in other archives or libraries (including photocopies of materials gifted to another repository).

  • The gift shows signs of significant infestation of vermin or mold.

  • The donor’s ownership of the materials is in question or disputed.

  • The restrictions placed on the gift are overly restrictive or burdensome.

Donations made to Fant Memorial Library become university property at the time of transfer. The university is not liable for damage or loss to the donation. The archives does not accept items for permanent loan.

Donors are welcome to schedule a time to view materials they have donated as frequently as they wish. They may also request a specific name for the collection they have donated as well as a copy of any finding aids or research materials produced by the archives about their donation.

Transfer of ownership

To transfer ownership of the archival materials to Archives and Special Collections, donors must sign a deed of gift. The deed of gift includes a brief description of the material donated and can be customized to address the individual donor’s needs. The donation becomes official once it is reviewed, approved, and counter-signed by the Special Collections Librarian.

Archives and Special Collections

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