Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Certificate

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize your emotions and control inappropriate responses in a professional setting. The W's Emotional Intelligence certificate can help you better understand your own emotions and those of the people you work with to create a better working environment.

The cost of the certificate program is $65 per course. Courses last six weeks and are self-guided online. Once you have completed the required number of courses, you can apply for a non-credit certificate from The W.


Choose three (3) courses from the list below to receive a certificate in Emotional Intelligence:


Developing Emotional Intelligence

Participants will learn what EI is and how they can develop it in themselves and others to improve relationships reduce stress and achieve great levels of happiness.

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Participants will understand the role of EI and applications in the workplace.

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

Participants will learn the qualities of an emotionally intelligent leader and how to increase their capacity to lead.

Emotional Intelligence and Student Achievement with CCRS

Research shows that student achievement is directly correlated to emotional intelligence. In this course, participants will focus on understanding emotional intelligence (EI) and developing strategies to increase EI in students.


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