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Promotion & Tenure

Submission of " Decline of Tenure Clock Extension for COVID-19 Related  Disruption" 

Please print and submit form to maintain your original tenure application if 2021-2022 by October 1, 2021 to your Department Chair. 


2021-22 Dates     


October 28, 2021


Promotion and Tenure Workshop.The promotion and tenure workshop will be held October 28, 2021 via Zoom. An announcement will go out closer to time. 


January 14, 2022

Portfolio due to Department Chair for review by Chair and by College Promotion, Tenure and Post-Tenure Review Committee. 

NOTE:  Deans, Department Chairs and College Promotion, Tenure and Post-Tenure Review Committee decide on College procedures for review so that portfolios and recommendations are available to the Dean by February 7, 2022.


January 26, 2022


Promotion and Tenure Portfolios and Chairs' recommendations due to College Committees.

February 7, 2022

Portfolios and recommendations due to Dean.


February 21, 2022


Portfolios and recommendations due to Academic Affairs. The portfolios and recommendations available for review by the University Promotion, Tenure, and Post-Tenure Review committee. 

March 4, 2022

Promotion and Tenure Recommendations due to Chief Academic Officer.


March 18, 2022


Promotion and Tenure Recommendations due to President. President's recommendations due to IHL April 2022.


Relevant Policy Statements

  • P.S. 1302 - Standards for Initial Appointment and Continuing Employment of Faculty
  • P.S. 1303 - Promotion of Faculty
  • P.S. 1304 - Tenure of Faculty


Promotion, Tenure, & Post Tenure Committee

Holly Krogh        Clara Rustin          Andrew Luccasen            

College of Arts and Sciences                                   

College of Nursing & Health Sciences                          

College of Business & Professional Studies                    

Chrystal Hodges Hillary Richardson

School of Education

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Promotion & Tenure Workshops

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