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To Complete CITI Modules/Training

Process for completing modules/training with CITI Program for Faculty, Staff and Students of Mississippi University for Women. All follow the same process.


Enter Username and Password

Step 1: Select Mississippi University for Women’s Courses. The courses you selected during registration will be shown.

Step 2: Select course to begin.

Step 3: Click “Complete the integrity Assurance Statement before beginning the course.” This link is provided in Blue.

Step 4: Read screen, check box that states you agree to terms of service. Click Submit.

Step 5: Select Course, will be available in Blue.
Read material presented.
Click “Take the quiz” link at the bottom of the screen to begin the quiz.

Step 6: Answer Questions
Click Submit

Step 7: The number correct will be presented at the top of the screen.
Click “Take next required course” to Continue.

Note: The cumulative score will be maintained on the home screen of the module. A score of 80% must be scored to pass the module.

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