Telephone Accounts

It is University practice that employees reimburse the University for personal long distance calls made on University phones and personal calls made on University cellular phones. Please follow the procedure listed below to ensure that the University receives appropriate reimbursement.

  1. When your department/division receives the phone/ cellular phone bill, review the calls itemized under your name (or cellular #) and hi-light any personal calls.
  2. Sign your name to the space provided on the bill which verifies that all calls made were for official university business.
  3. Submit reimbursement for any personal calls to the University Accounting Office via the Cashier's window. When making a payment, state which budget organization code the amount should be credited to.

Please Note: Personal calls, whether local or long distance should be held to a minimum as they may prevent an official call from reaching the desired person at the University.

*In order to place long distance calls from University phones, you must obtain a pin # from the University Accounting office. For more information, please call 329-7219.