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Students studying in this emphasis focus on the creation of the printing matrix and the necessary skills needed to transfer an impression of the matrix to the printed surface. Students explore traditional and non-traditional processes found in intaglio, screenprinting, relief, and lithographic processes. The printmaking curriculum emphasizes skill/technical development, historical knowledge, process specifics, contemporary themes, and the development of highly personal prints.

Emphasis Requirements

  • ART 205 - Figure Drawing I
  • ART 211 - Art History Survey I
  • ART 212 - Art History Survey II


Studio Art Emphases Courses, 300-/400-level: (18 Semester Hours)

Studio Art Electives: (12 Semester Hours) (can be outside area of emphasis but supportive of emphasis)

Select a General Art Elective: (3 Semester Hours) (any course with ART prefix)


Participation in:

  • Annual MUW Juried Student Exhibition in the freshman, sophomore, and junior years
  • Senior Exhibition


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