Juried Art Exhibition

COLUMBUS, Miss.—The Department of Art and Design at Mississippi University for Women recently recognized students at the annual Juried Art Exhibition Awards ceremony.

“The Art and Design faculty are proud of our students featured in this year’s student exhibition. Their time commitment, hard work and artistic skill is evident in the works displayed,” said Shawn Dickey, chair of the Department of Art and Design.

For the annual exhibition, approximately 120 pieces pieces were displayed in the MUW Galleries. The exhibition was open to any student who took an art class at The W during the last calendar year and required for all W art majors. Art and Design faculty members served as jurors this year rather than the usual outside jurors due to the pandemic.

“It was a challenge to hang that many works of art, but the quality of the submissions this year was quite high,” said Dr. Beverly Joyce, director of the MUW Galleries. Students

Awards were given for each medium of art, for specific works of art that were ranked according to artistic excellence. The highlight of the ceremony, however, was the announcement of the Overall Achievement Awards. These awards are always voted upon by the department faculty, who consider not only the artwork on display but also the students’ performance in their classes.

Dickey said, “As for the students who won overall awards, the faculty is honored to award foundation scholarships for the next academic year. Each student awarded are most deserving of the recognition not only for the amount of work in the exhibition, but also for the diversity of entries in different mediums and quality of their work.”  

President Nora Miller selected the winners of the President’s Exhibition Awards. These students will have their work displayed in the corridor outside the President’s Office.

“It was wonderful to see the breadth and depth of our students’ work. We love displaying the President’s Exhibition Award winning works here in the third floor of Welty Hall.  Art inspires thoughts, feelings and conversations.  What a great way to start each day,” said President Nora Miller.

President’s Exhibition Award

            Sarah Robertson

            Myles Moyé

            Dominique Wells

Overall Achievement Award

            1st- Justin Carson

            2nd- (tie) Georgia Wood and Grant Garrison

            3rd- Reggi Pech

            Honorable Mention (HM)- Myles Moyé

            HM- Cedric Malone


            1st- Justin Carson “Novis Terram Alt 0.2”

            2nd- Cedric Malone “ID Card”

            3rd- Georgia Wood “Raptor”

            HM- Justin Carson “A Call to Arms”

            HM- Justin Carson “MK Ultra: Esper”


            1st- Grant Garrison “Bone Grid”

            2nd- Katelyn Lowe “Flower Girls”

            3rd- Grant Garrison “Looking Off”


            1st- Reggi Pech “Puma”

            2nd- Izzy Poros “Slumber”

            HM- Jordan Taylor “Floating Ground”

            HM- Britt Bigott “Into the Depths”

Graphic Design

            1st- Reggi Pech “Ramen House”

            2nd- Cedric Malone “Ramen House Logo”

            3rd- Grant Garrison “Ramen House Mood Board”

            HM- Cedric Malone “New Font Grid”


            1st- Grant Garrison “Embroidered Sarah”

            2nd- Reggi Pech “Bokeh”

            3rd- Sarah Robertson “Bound in Chains

            HM- Diamond Spears “Nostalgia”


            1st- Georgia Wood “Stegosaurus”

            2nd- Dominique Wells “Kaijá-kan”

            3rd- Justin Carson “Half-Tone Blue Ware”

            HM- Dominique Wells “Hammered”

            HM- Dominique Wells “Transmodify”

Illustration/ Digital Imaging

            1st- Reggi Pech “SS”

            2nd- Jordan Taylor “Woman with the Pauline”

            3rd- Diamond Spears “Legos”

            HM- Jordan Taylor “Paper Airplane & Boat”


            1st- Myles Moyé “Remind”

            2nd- Georgia Wood “Compsognathus”

            3rd- Myles Moyé “Alive Weight”

            HM- Georgia Wood “Quetzalcoatlus Portrait”

            HM- Grant Garrison “Oil Still-Life”


March 14, 2022