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Medieval and Renaissance Studies

The Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor at MUW encourages students to explore the various fields of scholarly inquiry into the fascinating period between c. 500-1650 CE. A truly interdisciplinary minor, this program allows students to take courses in history, English literature, philosophy, art history, music, Spanish literature, French literature, religious studies, and women’s studies. By approaching the medieval and Renaissance periods from a variety of academic disciplines students will gain a fuller appreciation for the cultural experience of past societies and connect major themes across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

A Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor is very flexible and allows the student to choose his or her own path within a wide array of course options within the 18 required credit hours. There is only one required course, HIS 101: History of World Civilizations I. The other 15 credit hours may be selected from among the pre-approved list or an appropriate course may be substituted with the prior approval of the program director. To encourage an interdisciplinary approach, students must take courses within at least three academic disciplines.


For more information about becoming a Medieval and Renaissance Studies student, please contact:

Dr. Kristi DiClemente
1100 College St., MUW - 1634
Columbus, MS 39701
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Main Office: (662) 329-7386

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