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Noctua: Medieval and Renaissance Studies at The W

Noctua, Vol. II

Volume II: Spring 2017.
Editor: Gabrielle Lestrade.
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kristi DiClemente.
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Introductory Note:

I am pleased to present the second volume of Noctua: Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies at The W. This journal provides a forum for Mississippi University for Women students to present their original research on the Middle Ages and Renaissance and is sponsored by the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Minor in the Department of History, Political Science, and Geography. The articles in this journal arise from the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Research Symposium that took place on April 7, 2017 on the campus of The W.

This issue includes five articles, related to both history and literature, examining life, death, power, and love in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. First, Tera Pate, who just graduated with a B.A. in English discusses the use of the word “crown” in Shakespeare’s Richard III and I Henry IV. Second, Lauren Harmon, a rising sophomore in History, compares the power of two queens (Eleanor of Aquitaine and Matilda of Scotland) using letters to and from powerful religious men. Third, Morrigan Hollis, a rising junior in English and History, argues that despite Guinevere’s bad reputation in modern culture, her role in Le Morte d’Arthur showed power and agency. Fourth, James O’Loughlin, a Life-Long Learner at The W, who holds two B.A.s from The W in General Studies and English, argues for alternate authorship of Andreas Capellanus’s Treatise on Love. Finally, this volume ends with Joshua Herrick, a rising junior in History, who examines both the biblical and classical influences in Dante’s Inferno. My heartfelt thanks to the authors for allowing us to publish their work.

Thanks to the Kossen Center for Teaching & Learning, who funded the Research Symposium, and the QEP Faculty Development Committee, who funded the production of the printed copies of this journal through an APIL grant. Thanks, also, to Nick Adams, who designed the cover of the journal and the layout of the print version, and Rich Sobolewski, who created the online version of the journal. Finally, I would like to give special thanks to Gabrielle Lestrade, senior English major and editor of this volume, without whom this project could not have succeeded.

Dr. Kristi DiClemente
May 2017

Table of Contents:

Crown and Character: How the Word “Crown” Reveals Character in Richard II and I Henry IV, Tera Pate

“His Most Humble Handmaid”: The Influence of Matilda of Scotland and Eleanor of Aquitaine, Lauren Harmon

In Defense of Guinevere, Morrigan Hollis

Capellanus Unmasked, James O'Loughlin

Classical Literary Influence Upon Dante's Conceptualization of the Christian Hell, Josh Herrick

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