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Dr. Reyna Vergara
Assistant Professor of Spanish
1100 College St., MUW-1634
Painter Hall 103B
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

PhD and MA in Spanish Language and Literature, The State University of New York at Buffalo

MDiv in theology and education, Truett Seminary at Baylor University

BS in Secondary Education Spanish and History, Baylor University.

Areas of Specialization: Colonial Latin American Literature; Cognitive Control and L2 Acquisition; Spanish language, culture, and grammar

Research Interests:  Colonial Mexico and Guatemala; The concept of identity and the 'self’; Creative writing as a tool of empowerment; Individual and national attempts to escape oppression; The executive function of the brain and pedagogy

Selected Publications: “The Executive Function of the Brain as Applied to L2 Instruction in the Diverse Classroom” in Engaging Teacher Candidates and Language Learners with Authentic Practice; Mami me marca” in Ámbitos Feministas and “Where Is Home, My Child” in Confluencia