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M.A. Women's Leadership Program of Study

We are pleased to announce that the curriculum modifications for Women's Leadership have been approved, effective August 2021.

These revised requirements reflect the evolution of the program with the introduction of more secific elective courses focusing on leadership, theory, nonprofits, and political leadership, as well as with more flexible options for electives. These changes will help us to better define our program and allow students to chart their own path and find the focus that best meets their educational goals. Students with the requisite background experience have taken coursework in Business, Public Health, English, and Education as part of their program of study. Up to 6 graduate hours of transfer credit in a related discipline can also be applied to our Women's Leadership program.

Required Women's Studies courses (15 hours)

WS 500 - Leadership Inquiries, Research and Methodology is a course in best practices in research and methods in applied women’s leadership.

WS 501 Leadership Principles and Change Theory – This course will provide the foundations of leadership theory as it applies particularly to learning, management and collaboration. It will also address several change theories, including assumptions about the nature of change in large and small organizations. The course will help students develop a research prospectus through the lens of leadership theory and to learn how change can be encouraged and facilitated in a variety of professional group settings.

WS 510 Practicum/Field Experience in Women’s Leadership (3 hours)

WS 512 Capstone Project Report/Thesis (6 hours required and may be taken over two semesters)

Electives: (18 Semester Hours)

Electives may include any Women’s Leadership courses, including:
WS 502 Seminar in Women’s Leadership Topics
WS 505 Emotional Intelligence & Leadership
WS 520 Black Feminist Thought
WS 530 Women's Advocacy & Nonprofits
WS 550 Women's Global Politics
WS 570 Women, Gender, Campaigns & Elections


WS 502 Seminar in Women’s Leadership Topics may be repeated for credit with different topics.
Courses in related graduate programs that meet the individual student’s goals for their program and that complement their work in Women’s Leadership may also be counted with permission of the Director of Women’s Leadership. Students will need permission from the other graduate program to enroll in courses outside of Women’s Leadership.

Total Program = 33 hours