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Family Science Minor

All courses must be approved by an advisor in the Department of Psychology and Family Science . A grade of C or higher is required in all courses taken for the minor. Students taking advanced courses must complete required prerequisites with a grade of C or above. Students may repeat a maximum of one course in which a grade lower than a C was earned. Students who fail to earn a grade of C in the repeated course or in any subsequent required course will be dropped from the program. A WF in any course is counted as a failure of that course. Students will have the right to appeal a negative decision.

Take all of the following:
(11 hours; minimum grade of C required)

FS 203 Professional Issues in Family Science (2)
FS 306 Individuals & Families in Societies (3)
FS 290 Introduction to Research in Family Science (3)
FS 382 Theories in Family Science (3)

Choose TWO elective Family Science Courses
(6 hours; minimum grade of C required) 

Additional Required Course:
(minimum grade of C required)

PSY 201 Introduction to APA Style (1)

Minimum number of hours to earn a minor in Family Science: 17