Psychology Class

Psychology Minor

Courses may not be used to meet both minor and major requirements. Students taking advanced courses are expected to complete required prerequisites. Minimum grade of C or above required on all courses for the minor.

Required Courses:

PSY 101 - General Psychology
PSY 304 - Abnormal Psychology
PSY 405 - Cognitive Psychology

Individual Differences, Personality, and Social Processes Courses: (Choose One; 3 Semester Hours)

PSY 305 - Personality
PSY 370 - Social Psychology

Biological Bases of Behavior Courses: (Choose One; 3 Semester Hours)

PSY 320 - Physiological Psychology
PSY 340 - Sensation and Perception
PSY 406 - Cognitive Neuroscience

Psychology Elective: (3 Semester Hours)

Additional Required Course: (1 Semester Hour)

PSY 201 - Introduction to APA Style


Total Hours Required: 18 Semester Hours

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