ResearchCOLUMBUS, Miss. -- Research conducted by two students in Dr. Ghanshyam Heda’s laboratory at Mississippi University for Women’s Department of Sciences and Mathematics made it to the cover page of the upcoming issue (Jan. 15, 2014) of Analytical Biochemistry.


Analytical Biochemistry is a leading international journal ranking fourth among all journals in number of its citations in scientific literature, according to Heda, assistant professor of biology at The W. The published article titled, “A modified protein assay from microgram to low nanogram levels in dilute samples,” is co-authored by recently graduated biology major Upasana Kunwar of The W and past Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science graduate Rajiv Heda.

They began this research in the spring of 2011 to modernize and enhance the sensitivity of a protein assay, under the supervision of Dr. Heda. Protein assay is a technique commonly used in biochemistry laboratories.  This newly developed sensitive technique will be useful in detecting nanogram level protein in small cell organelles that Dr. Heda’s lab routinely isolate to use in their research on the disease cystic fibrosis. 

Prior to publication, the research was presented at various regional, national and international meetings and received awards.  In 2012, Kunwar received a $1,000 travel award to present the work at the National IDeA Symposium of Biomedical Research Excellence in Washington, D.C.  Rajiv Heda represented the state of Mississippi at INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Dr. Heda, said, “The articles of this level are normally published by professors and graduate level students and this shows that undergraduate and high school students can work in a MUW research laboratory and produce results that can be published in a highly competitive peer reviewed journal. Selection of the article for cover page further signifies the quality of our work.”

This research was supported by Mississippi INBRE (Grant # P20GM103476) funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of NIH and MUW faculty research awards to Dr. Heda.  Recently, Dr. Heda received another $50,000 from Mississippi INBRE to continue his research.


Dec. 2, 2013
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