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COLUMBUS, Miss.-- The Department of Science & Mathematics will offer a new course this fall specifically designed for non-science and non-health-profession majors.


Starting fall 2020 semester, BSB 110 Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology will introduce students to the basics of gross human anatomy from molecules to the organ-system level and provides an overview of human physiology.

“This course is recommended for non-science majors, such as business, music and English. The amount of detail of other courses can be challenging to students with just a general interest in the topic, especially freshmen non-science majors in their very first college semester,” said Dr. Ghanshyam Heda, professor of biology.  

The course will introduce the same topics with a rigor expected of a university course but geared toward the non-specialist.

Both components of the new course, lecture and laboratory, will be available face-to-face; however, the class may transition to a hybrid format or online format if necessary.

Students can register for this course through Banner similar to other courses. By combining Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology with either of the other general education lab-based science courses the Department of Sciences and Mathematics offers (BSB 109/109L Introductory Biology and PSC 108/108L Introduction to Chemistry), students can satisfy the eight credit hours of lab-based sciences that are a requirement of general education curriculum. Most general education courses are recommended to freshmen and sophomore students.

June 22, 2020
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