Physical Sciences Minors

Chemsitry StudentChemistry Minor

At least 23 hours of PSC courses as listed below (grade of C or better required):

Required Minor Courses:

PSC 111-112 General Chemistry with labs (8)
PSC 211-212 Organic Chemistry with labs (8)
PSC 312 Quantitative Analysis (4)

Select one:

PSC 450 Physical Chemistry I (4)
PSC 451 Physical Chemistry II (4)
PSC 461 Instrumental Analysis (4)
PSC 465 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (3)
PSC 466 Advanced Organic Chemistry (3)
PSC 467 Biochemistry (4)
PSC 490 Special Topics in Physical Science (3)

Note: PSC 467/BSB 467 may not be counted for both the chemistry minor and the biology major.


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