Pre-Professional Advising: Engineering

Students who are headed toward Engineering degrees can choose to start their coursework at MUW and take advantage of the smaller class sizes, more personalized learning environment, and greater interaction with faculty and fellow students.

Students would take (1) mathematics courses such as Calculus I-IV, Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra; (2) science courses such as General Chemistry I and II, Physics I and II, General Biology I and II, and second year science courses which support their desired area of Engineering; and (3) general education courses such as English Composition, History, Literature, Social Science, and Fine Arts.

After two years of coursework at MUW, the student would transfer to a university offering Engineering programs and all of their MUW coursework would transfer with them. Please note that MUW does not have any Engineering programs and offers no courses in Engineering.

Another pathway for students interested in Engineering is to complete a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or Chemistry or Biology at MUW and then earn admission to a graduate program in Engineering.

Each MUW student is assigned an academic advisor in their area of study. Academic advisors contribute in many ways to a student’s college experience, including assisting with planning a student’s schedule of courses each semester and planning ahead regarding degree requirements or intentions to transfer to an Engineering program elsewhere.


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