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Leadership in the Community

Business Administration, B.A.S. - Nonprofit Management

A nonprofit organization is any group that is mission-driven rather than profit-driven. There is an increasing need for qualified nonprofit professionals to effectively manage the business and financial affairs of these organizations. Nonprofit management is remarkable for both its similarities to and differences from traditional business management. Not only do nonprofit managers face the same management, personnel, marketing, and financial issues as any for-profit organization, they are also faced with unique characteristics such as fundraising, board governance, management of volunteers, and program assessment. This concentration combines a solid business foundation with courses that will increase understanding of the nonprofit sector and the unique challenges that nonprofit leaders face.

Employment Opportunities

Primary job functions can include working with a Board of Directors, public and community groups, fundraising, media, clients and other nonprofit organizations.

Career opportunities are available in management and leadership positions within the nonprofit sector including positions such as:

Executive Director
Director of Fundraising,
Development Manager,
Director of Marketing,
Community Outreach Coordinator, and
Program Manager.

Suggested Course of Study

B.A.S. in Business Administration - Nonprofit Management

General Education Requirements 
(38-39 Semester Hours)
See Undergraduate Bulletin

Career and Technical Transfer
(Maximum 40 Semester Hours)

Concentration Requirement
(46 Semester Hours)

BU 105 - Fundamentals of Success in Business
BQA 170 - Business Statistics
EC 201 - Principles of Economics I OR EC 202 - Principles of Economics II
ACC 211 - Principles of Accounting I
ACC 212 - Principles of Accounting II
FIN 355 - Business Finance
MIS 300 – Introduction to Information Systems
MKT 361 - Principles of Marketing
MGT 381 - Principles of Management
BU 460 – Senior Seminar in Business
MGT 374 - Nonprofit Management
PLG 364 - Nonprofit Law

Select 4 from the following:
MKT 414 - Nonprofit Marketing
BU 334 - Fundraising Principles
ACC 324 – Nonprofit Accounting
MGT 424 - Board, Community, and Volunteer Development
BU 383 - Leadership
MGT 386 - Human Resource Management
POL 150 - American Government
POL 330 - Nonprofit Advocacy & Government Relations

BAS Majors require a minimum of 121 credit hours to graduate. No more than 90 hours of these hours may be earned at a community college.  Community college transfer students must earn at least 25% of their hours from MUW.  MUW does not award credit for technical or vocational courses except in the B.A.S program.

This curriculum sheet is a sample and is intended to be a tentative guideline for the order in which courses should be taken to fulfill the requirements of the major.

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