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Love of Sports, The World of Business

Business Administration, B.A.S. - Sports Management

Students concentrating in Sports Management will develop an understanding of the business side of the sports, fitness, and recreation industries. They will develop vital business skills by taking courses in accounting, management, marketing, economics, information systems, strategy, operations management, and statistics.

Employment Opportunities

Community Recreation
Private Organizations
Intercollegiate Athletic Departments
High School Programs
Commercial Fitness Business Industry,
Sport Governing Bodies
Major Sport Arenas or Stadiums
Sport Equipment Companies.

Suggested Course of Study

B.A.S. in Business Administration  - Sports Management

Note: This concentration cannot be completed online.

General Education Requirements 
(38-39 Semester Hours)
See Undergraduate Bulletin

Career and Technical Transfer
(Maximum 40 Semester Hours)

Concentration Requirement
(46 Semester Hours)

BU 105 – Fundamentals in Business
BQA 170 - Statistical Analysis for Business
EC 201 - Principles of Economics I or EC 202 - Principles of Economics II
ACC 211 - Principles of Accounting I
ACC 212 - Principles of Accounting II
MIS 300 - Introduction to Information Systems
FIN 355 – Business Finance
MKT 361 - Principles of Marketing
MGT 381 - Principles of Management
BU 460 - Senior Seminar in Business
PLG 241 - The Legal Environment of Business
MGT 312 - Introduction to Sports Management

Pick 4 of the courses below:
MGT 332 - Facilities and Event Management
MGT 352 - Culture and Diversity in Organizations
FIN 342 - Sports Finance
PLG 362 - Sports Law
MKT 412 - Sports Marketing
MGT 422 - Sports Governance
MGT 432 - Organization and Management in Sports Programs

BAS Majors require a minimum of 121 credit hours to graduate. No more than 90 hours of these hours may be earned at a community college.  Community college transfer students must earn at least 25% of their hours from MUW.  MUW does not award credit for technical or vocational courses except in the B.A.S program.

This curriculum sheet is a sample and is intended to be a tentative guideline for the order in which courses should be taken to fulfill the requirements of the major.

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