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Take Charge of Your Career

Business Administration, B.B.A. - Management

What is Management?
ColumnsManagement professionals enjoy a people-oriented career and the challenge of making decisions that impact the success of a business. They generally work in areas such as department stores, service industries, financial institutions, non-profit organizations, hotels and restaurants, manufacturing firms, government agencies, and the healthcare industry. 

The concentration in Management is designed to train broadly competent administrators for service in a wide variety of organizations. The prime objective of the program is to develop future managers who are knowledgeable, adaptive, ethical, and capable of exceeding the performance expectations of today’s fast-paced workplace. Management majors will learn leadership skills that will enable them to direct and develop competent and satisfied employees. This concentration provides an excellent foundation for further study in graduate and professional programs.


The Junior and Senior years of this concentration may be completed entirely online.

Employment Opportunities:
Retail Management
Hotel and Restaurant
Management Human Resource
Management Bank Management
Product Management
Personnel Recruiter
Benefits Specialist
Operations Management

Suggested Course of Study

B.B.A. in Business Administration - Management

General Education Requirements 
(38-39 Semester Hours)
See Undergraduate Bulletin

Business Core 
(40 Semester Hours)
(Minimum Grade of "C" or above)

BU 105 Fundamentals of Success in Business
MIS 160 Spreadsheet Applications
EC 201 Principles of Economics I
EC 202 Principles of Economics II
ACC 211 Principles of Accounting I
ACC 212 Principles of Accounting II
PLG 241 Legal Environment of Business
MKT 361 Principles of Marketing
MGT 381 Principles of Management
BQA 345 Advanced Statistical Analysis for Business
MGT 333 Organizational Communication
MGT 385 Operations Production Management
FIN 355 Business Finance
MGT 497 Strategic Management

Major Courses
(33 Semester Hours)
(Minimum Grade of "C" or above)

MGT 382 Organizational Behavior
BU 383 Leadership
MGT 386 Human Resource Management
FIN 340 Financial Markets & Institutions
ACC 465 Managerial Accounting
MKT 490 Marketing Management or MGT 371 International Business Seminar
BU 400 Internship or BU 460 Senior Seminar in Business

Select Three 
(9 Semester Hours)

ENT 280 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
MKT 365 Retail Management
MGT Courses at or above the 300 Level

Other Required Course
(3 Semester Hours)
(Minimum Grade of "C" or above)

MA 123 Statistics or BQA 170 Business Statistics

General Elective Courses
As needed to complete hours for degree requirements

BBA Majors require a minimum of 120 credit hours to graduate. No more than 90 hours of these hours may be earned at a community college.  Transfer students must earn at least 25% of their hours from MUW.  MUW does not award credit for technical or vocational courses except in the B.A.S. program. 

This curriculum sheet is a sample and is intened to be a tentative guideline for the order in which courses should be taken to fulfill the requirements of the major.


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