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Legal Studies, B.S.

A Solid Legal Foundation

Our society's need for legal services continues to increase and develop into new areas of law such as cyber law, international business transaction law, intellectual property, health care and environmental law.  This growing need ensures unlimited career opportunities with competitive starting salaries.  Paralegals and other legal professionals work in many fields such as law firms, corporate in-house counsel, banking and financial institutions, hospitals, insurance companies, real estate title companies, legislative offices, state and federal government offices and institutions, and administrative agencies.

The W’s legal studies program is designed for the education of paralegals. Paralegals shall not provide legal services directly to the public, unless otherwise permitted by law.


Personalized Advising

At large universities, advising may be conducted in a central advising office and you may end up attending large group advising sessions. At The W, legal studies majors and minors are advised by full-time faculty members who will provide you with meaningful, personalized one-on-one academic counseling, scheduling of classes, mentoring, and career planning.


Transfer-Friendly University

The W has articulations agreements and transfer partnerships with many community colleges. These academic relationships help ensure that your transfer goes seemlessly.


Suggested Course of Study

B.S. in Legal Studies

General Education Curriculum

(38-39 Semester Hours)
See Undergraduate Bulletin for General Education Requirements

BS Degree Requirements:

See Undergraduate Bulletin for Bachelor of Science Requirements

Major Courses

PLG 101 - Introduction to the Legal Profession
PLG 200 - Legal Bibliography and Research I
PLG 202 - Legal Bibliography and Research II
PLG 241 - The Legal Environment of Business
PLG 303 - Torts
PLG 330 - Legal Writing
PLG 340 - Law Office Technology and Management
PLG 428 - Real Estate Law
PLG 429 - Civil Litigation
PLG 440 - Practical Legal Lab

Select three Paralegal Studies elective courses: (9 Semester Hours)

Total Legal Studies hours: (39 Semester Hours)

Other Required Courses

MIS 157 - Information Systems Using Microcomputers
PHL 205 - Logic

The B.S. in Legal Studies requires 124 credit hours to graduate. No more than 90 hours of these hours may be earned at a community college.  Transfer students must earn at least 25% of their hours from The W.  The W does not award credit for technical or vocational courses except in B.A.S. programs. Legal Studies majors must take at least nine semester credits or the equivalent of legal specialty courses through traditional face to face instruction or synchronous online instruction. Please consult your academic advisor for further information.  


Legal Studies

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