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W Books Plus Instructor Guide

Moving Course Materials


Question: Are students charged for courses with no texts or materials?

Answer: Students will be charged for classes that are non-instructional (e.g., internships, practica, preceptorships, independent study) initially, but these courses will be coded for accounting purposes so that the charges will be reversed back to the student.

Question: How long do students have to opt-out?

Answer: Students will receive an email notifying them of their options for W Books Plus at the beginning of the semester and the opt-out period begins 15 days prior to the start of the semester and closes after the 10th day of class for spring and fall semester. The pricing should be a flat rate of $20 per credit hour.

Question: Are students able to retain a copy of electronic resources that are used in multiple courses?

Answer: Physical and Digital materials are not retained across semesters. Physical books obtained through W Books + should be returned to the Bookend at the end of the semester or can be purchased by paying the remainder of the purchase fee. Digital materials are deactivated at the conclusion of the course.