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Starting Fall 2019, the APIL Faculty Innovation Grants are administered by the Kossen Center for Teaching & Learning. To apply for an APIL Grant, please visit the Kossen Center webpage.

Previous APIL Grant Recipients


Fall 2018

  • Ms. Laura Beth Turner, Instructor of Graduate Nursing – Models and equipment for advanced care training simulations. Awarded $610.

  • Dr. Phillip Stockton, Assistant Professor of Music – Honorarium for guest speaker Dr. Alan Spurgeon. Awarded $300.

  • Dr. Lynn Healy, Assistant Professor of Spanish – License for Pixton software for 9 months for Spanish students to create Spanish graphic novels. Awarded $125.

  • Mr. Lee Crouse, Associate Professor of Theatre – Video recorder and Green screen kit to record theatre and communication majors. Awarded $1,150.

  • Dr. Beverly Joyce, Professor of Art, and Ms. Erinn Holloway, Instructor of Spanish – Art supplies to create and decorate skulls for a Day of the Dead display. Awarded $225.

  • Dr. Josh Hanes, Associate Professor of Mathematics – Computer hardware to create and store algebra instruction videos. Awarded $400.

  • Mr. Ian Childers, Associate Professor of Art – Rhino 3D software for computer-aided design and 3D printing. Awarded $200.

  • Dr. Rachel Huber, Assistant Professor of Speech-Language Pathology – Supplies to create a sound meter mannequin head for class and community health fairs. Awarded $165.

  • Dr. Holly Krogh, Professor of Psychology – Travel expenses to take students to Jackson MS see distinguished expert on memory and witness testimony. Awarded $350.

Spring 2018

  • Dr. Mark Bean, Professor of Health & Kinesiology – MaxTRAQ software for 8 computers in McDevitt Delta lab to allow students in KIN 408 Biomechanics to analyze human movement from an avi. video file. Awarded $450.

  • Dr. Kristi DiClemente, Assistant Professor of History, & Dr. Erin Kempker, Associate Professor of History – Funding for a Medieval & Rennaissance Undergraduate Research Symposium and for an associated student journal. Awarded $600.

  • Mr. Thomas Haffey, Instructor of Marketing – Student registration for Phi Beta Lambda Sate Leadership Conference. Awarded $600.

  • Ms. Elizabeth Haley, Assistant Professor of Music Therapy – Speaker for a Music Therapy masterclass. Awarded $750.

  • Dr. Andrew Luccasen, Professor of Economics and Finance – Ten specialized financial calculators for students to use in EC 201 Fin 355. Awarded $400.

  • Dr. James Terry Todd, Assistant Professor of Nursing – Faculty travel to Nursing Education Research Conference. Awarded $350.

  • Dr. Royal Toy, Associate Professor of Education – GoReact software licenses to allow real-time video interaction with teacher candidates during field experiences. Awarded $800.

Fall 2017

  • Dr. Dorothy Berglund, Associate Professor of Family Studies – Digital downloads of safer sex and sexual assault prevention workshops for assessment by FS 330 students. Awarded $500.

  • Mr. Ian Childers, Associate Professor of Art & Design – A three-axis KNK force cutter for ceramics, painting, and graphic design projects. Awarded $800.

  • Ms. Ashley Chisom, Assistant Professor of Legal Studies – Cameras and microphones for the mock courtroom used in many PLG classes. Awarded $750.

  • Dr. Kristi DiClemente, Assistant Professor of History, & Dr. Erin Kempker, Associate Professor of History – Honarium for a speaker for a Medieval & Rennaissance Undergraduate Research Symposium. Awarded $250.

  • Mr. Thomas Haffey, Instructor of Marketing – Expenses related to various field trips for MKT 370 students to businesses in the Columbus, Jackson, and Ridgeland areas. Awarded $275.

    Dr. Lynn Healy, Assistant Professor of Spanish – Hardware and software updates for the language lab used by foreign language students. Awarded $1100.

  • Dr. Beverly Joyce, Professor of Art & Design – Framing supplies and materials to be used by students of HIS/ART 318. Awarded $300.

  • Dr. Amy Pardo, Professor of English – Class trip to Birmingham, AL, to vist and study historical markers of literature, baseball, and art within the African American experience of Jim Crow South. Awarded $300.

  • Dr. Erin Kempker, Associate Professor of History, & Dr. Bridget Smith Pieschel, Professor of English – Refreshments for Authors’ Talk series of presentations by regional and Mississippi historians. Awarded $350.

  • Dr. Megan Wood, Assistant Professor of Psychology – Supplies for stress-free events throughout the semester allowing students in Education and Human Sciences to relieve stress and anxiety.

Spring 2017

  • Dr. Mark Bean, Professor of Health & Kinesiology- One LabQuest II data collection device and one Vernier Force Plate for use in KIN 408 labs.
    Awarded: $625
  • Mr. David Carter, Associate Professor of Theatre- 3D printer for theatre students to produce scale set models and props.
    Awarded: $750
  • Dr. Kristi DiClemente, Visiting Assistant Professor of History- Ingredients and food-related supplies for cooking labs in HIS 299 History of European Food.
    Awarded: $1000
  • Ms. Ashley Matthews, Instructor of Education- Swivl robot for video recording of education students and interns in ED 306 and ED 406.
    Awarded: $700
  • Dr. Bonnie Oppenheimer, Professor of Mathematics: TI-30XS Multiview calculators, the type most commonly used in middle school math classroms, for use in math education courses MA 111, MA 112, and MA 318.
    Awarded: $550
  • Dr. Amy Pardo, Professor of English- Attending the Welcome to Food Media South: Sharing Immigrant Stories symposium in relation to EN 101, EN 102, and EN 360.
    Awarded: $150
  • Ms. Mary Ruffin, Assistant Professor of Nursing- Calculators for students calculating correct dosage rates in NU 215 and NU 225.
    Awarded: $150
  • Dr. Carrie Smith, Assistant Professor of Audiology, and Ms. Monica Johnson, Instructor in Speech-Language Pathology- Anatomical models for use in multiple undergraduate and graduate courses in Speech-Language Pathology.
    Awarded: $500

Fall 2016

  • Dr. Nora Corrigan, Associate Professor of English- Take students in EN 303 and EN 304 to live performances at regional theatres.
    Awarded: $200
  • Dr. Holly Krogh, Professor of Psychology- An undergraduate research colloquium for Psychology and Family Studies students.
    Awarded: $585.
  • Dr. Erin Kempker, Associate Professor of History- Posters of student research to be displayed in Fant Library for HIS 326.
    Awarded: $150.
  • Dr. Kristi DiClemente, Visiting Assistant Professor of History- Medieval and Renaissance Studies research symposium and accompanying journal for various History and Philosophy courses
    Awarded: $300.
  • Dr. Amy Pardo, Professor of English- Travel and admission to the Grammy Museum with EN 360 class.
    Awarded: $400.
  • Dr. Chanley Rainey, Visiting Professor of Political Science- Creating  non-partisan political pamphlets summarizing candidate positions in local electoral races in POL 370.
    Awarded: $400.
  • Ms. Gillian Furniss, Assistant Professor of Art Education- Taking Art Education students to the MS Art Education Association Conference in Jackson, MS.
    Awarded: $310
  • Dr. Mark Bean, Professor of Health & Kinesiology- SnagIt software that allows students to record and analyse human movements in KIN 390 and KIN 408.
    Awarded: $250.
  • Dr. Joe L. Alexander, Assistant Professor of Music- Music notation software for various Music courses, including MUS 101, MUS 102, MUS 201, MUS 202, MUS 306, and FPA 399.
    Awarded: $500.
  • Ms. Dana Walker, Tupelo BSN Coordinator.  Expenses related to a faculty development workshop on online teaching to RN/BSN faculty, but open to other faculty.
    Awarded: $750
  • Dr. Kristi DiClemente, Visiting Assistant Professor of History- A guest speaker to discuss historical costuming and textiles to students in various English and History.
    Awarded: $200

Spring 2016

  • Dr. Amy Pardo, Professor of English – Student trip to Greensboro and Gee’s Bend, AL, as part of EN 299 African American Integration/Desegregation.
    Awarded $240
  • Ms. Elizabeth Jones, Visiting Instructor of Music - Class trip to Tuscaloosa to view a live broadcast of a performance by the Metropolitan Opera, and purchase of opera DVDs for student viewing, as part of FPA 399 The Voice of Classical Music.
    Awarded $400

  • Dr. Kristi DiClemente, Visiting Assistant Professor of History - Purchase of drop spindles and wool to be used by students in HIS/WS 324 Women in Medieval History course as an immersion in learning how medieval women spun wool for use in contemporary textiles.
    Awarded $200

  • Mr. Thomas Haffey, Instructor in Marketing – Registration for students and faculty advisor in the Mississippi Phi Beta Lambda State Leadership Conference, being held on the MUW campus, Spring 2016.
    Awarded $750

  • Mr Thomas Haffey, Instructor in Marketing – Purchase of Survey Monkey software for use in MKT 495 Marketing Research course.
    Awarded $204

  • Dr. Erin Kempker, Associate Professor of History - Supplies needed to create a campus mural to commemorate the desegregation of MUW.
    Awarded $950

  • Ms Elizabeth Chisolm, Instructor in Legal Studies – Equipment and furnishings to create a mock courtroom for use in mock trials for various legal studies courses.
    Awarded $2100.

Fall 2015

  • Dr. Erin Kempker & Dr. Beverly Joyce – “Honorarium for Dr. Leslie Luebbers to speak on professional opportunities in Museum Studies and Public Policy to encourage students to enroll in HIS 299/ART 299 Special Topics in Museum Studies”
    Awarded $250.
  • Dr. Nora Corrigan – “Fund student tickets to at least five different regional stage productions of relevance to EN 202, EN 303, and EN 304 classes.”
    Awarded $300
  • Dr. Kristi DiClemente & Dr. Amber Handy – “Honoraria for two invited speakers: Christopher French, who will demonstrate and teach fencing, and Ms Amy Johnson, who will display and discuss period costumes she has made for the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Talks will be directed at students in a variety of English, History, Drama, and Music courses.”
    Awarded $500
    Update: One speaker had to cancel due to family illness. $150 of this award was unspent and returned to the APIL Faculty Development Grant fund.
  • Dr. Paul Mack – “Student expenses for a weekend field trip to Dauphin Island that exposes students in BSB 310 Ecology and BSB 485 Parasitology to aquatic field collection of biological specimens and data.”
    Awarded $400
  • Ms Carmen Osburn –“Apple iPad Air devices for students to use to make and record music as part of their Music Therapy Practicum courses MUS 353, MUS 354, MUS 453, MUS 454, MUS 455.”
    Awarded $450.
  • Dr. Mark Bean & Mr. Steven McCorkle – “Fitbit Charge HR wristbands. These would be used by KIN 316 labs to familiarize students with how technology is used to gather and analyse fitness data”
    Awarded $400

Summer 2015

  • Dr. Nicole Welch. – “Travel funds to attend The Distance Teaching & Learning Conference in Madison, WI, to learn best current online teaching practices for implementation in online SM 101 and SM 102 classes”
    Awarded $500

Spring 2015

  • Dr. Nora Corrigan,   “Reacting to the Past,” for travel to the Reacting to the Past Conference in June 2015 to implement interactive teaching strategies in a fall Shakespeare course.
  • Dr. Amber Handy,   “Soft Chalk for HIS 101,” for purchase of Soft Chalk individual software license and a microphone USB headset to improve an online HIS 101 course.
  • Dr. Holly Krogh, “Social Science Undergrad Research Colloquium 2015,” for supplies and other costs related to an undergraduate research conference on campus.
  • Dr. Mallory Malkin, “History of Asylums: Past and Present,” for van costs and student lunches for two May intersession course field trips.
  • Dr. Amy Pardo (1),  “Interactive Assessment/EN 102 and Golden Girls,” for lunch for 20 students to attend Golden Girls at Homecoming and have lunch with Golden Girls related to a course project.
  • Dr. Amy Pardo (2),  Sophomore Student Success Conference, for travel to Institute on Sophomore Student Success in April 2015 to assist with APIL Specialist work in fall 2015.
  • Dr. Erin Kempker and Derek Webb, “Technology for Oral History and Active History,” for the purchase of laptop and tablet (w/case) or an external hard drive for university archives, plus purchase of 7 digital voice recorders, 5 transcription foot pedals, to allow for better use of campus archival materials for independent undergraduate research and to help with the collection of oral histories about MUW's desegregation to be collected in a fall 2015 class.
  • Dr. Ross Whitwam, “Incorporating Hands-on Neruophysiology Activities in Biology and Psychology Courses,” for partial cost of iWorx Advanced Human Physiology Teaching Kit to be used in future biology and psychology courses.
  • Dr. Tammie McCoy, “Flipping the Classroom,” for partial cost of guest speaker Tim Bristol, who will speak on flipping the classroom for nursing courses at the May departmental retreat.
  • Dr. Monica Riley, April Coleman, and Brenda Dickey, “Intellectual Curiosity iPad Initiative,” for joint purchase of 5 16GB iPads with protective cases for two pilot studies in education.  Joint award with Royal Toy
  • Dr. Royal Toy, “Nearpad,” see above for combined award with Riley, Coleman, and Dickey.
  • Dr. Linda Mahoney, “Google Tools for Learning,” request forwarded to Faculty Senate for hopeful award of travel and registration fees for ISTE conference.