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Information for Staff

MUW staff will promote the QEP in a number of ways.  This could include providing support to students and faculty as they implement new approaches to teaching and learning or finding innovative ways to foster students’ intellectual interests in residential life.  Because the mission of the QEP is to take learning out of the classroom, staff will be critical participants in making it a success.  Whether through the Leadership program, library services, or participating in the Common Reading Initiative, to offer just a few examples, MUW staff will help ensure that we foster intellectual curiosity across the campus.

An intellectually curious MUW student will be able to:

  1. Develop relevant and valid research questions.
  2. Effectively pursue answers and solutions to her/his own questions, problems, scenarios, or lines of inquiry.
  3. Produce and author knowledge by exploring open-ended questions, problems, scenarios, or lines of inquiry.

Projected Benefits for Faculty and Staff:

  1. Increased support for our focus on teaching, specifically learning about new pedagogies and promoting techniques that work at MUW.
  2. Increased availability of funds to support innovative teaching and taking students out of the classroom.
  3. Recognition for innovative teaching.
  4. Increased opportunity for faculty mentorship and peer teaching observations.
  5. Increased opportunity for professional development and networking with colleagues.
  6. Increased academic engagement on the part of students.
  7. Improved campus environment that better supports the intellectual pursuits of our community.

How will we know if it is successful?

The success of the QEP will be assessed by several methods, including locally-developed measures, such as student focus groups and discipline-specific gateway and capstone courses, and national measures, such as the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and the Collegiate Learning Assessment Plus (CLA+).

Learn more about the QEP:

Read the full QEP document, including the process for developing MUW’s QEP and the implementation plan.