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Update March 27, 2020 - President Nora Miller has released a video message on the latest regarding the Coronavirus pandemic.

It has been a little over 2 weeks since Mississippi had its first reported case of COVID-19, and one week since our last update.  This week has ZOOMED by for so many of us – as we have all put Zoom to the test for classes, meetings and conferences.

So far, the only confirmed case of COVID-19 in our campus community is that of an on-line only student who self-reported the case to us.  There was no exposure to campus.

We have an amazing faculty, staff and administrators who came together to put classes and resources online.  I encourage everyone to check our COVID-19 webpages regularly for new information, and to submit questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the case something is not addressed on those pages.

We remain open for business – in a new virtual world.  Employees who can work remotely are doing so – and those essential employees who are reporting to work are following CDC guidelines.  We are all adjusting to this new order, and adjusting to how this impacts our home lives, too.

We are limiting vehicular access to campus to students, faculty, staff, those here on university business or here to help a student.  To help identify who belongs on campus, we are asking everyone to wear their W IDs.

We currently have 73 students who have remained in the residence halls.  Carry-out meals are provided to these students.  Social distancing is the new norm for us all.

Homecoming 2020 has also gone virtual – with it’s own Facebook page for our alumni to share their memories and pictures from Homecomings past.  We look forward to the return of in-person celebrations – but we are thankful for the many ways we remain connected.

Please, follow the advice from the CDC and the State Department of Health and stay safe!

Nora Miller
President, Mississippi University for Women