COLUMBUS, Miss.-- Dr. Jill Drouillard was named provost fellows to help Mississippi University for Women to address critical areas, including diversity, equity and inclusion.

Drouillard, an assistant professor in the Department of Languages, Literature and Philosophy, will undertake a series of initiatives to work on a project titled “Queer Visibility”. The goal of the project is to lend visibility to the queer community.

“The term ‘queer’ may also be used as a verb ‘to view something outside of its usual lens,’ to re-think previous modes of understanding,” said Drouillard, who will work in the position through the end of the spring semester. This is her first time working as a provost fellow.

Drouillard said she hopes to work with Dr. Scott Tollison and the Office of Academic Affairs alongside the Council for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and academic units across campus to develop strategies to promote visibility.

Drouillard said her intersecting research interests in feminist philosophy, philosophy of gender and sexuality, medical ethics and aesthetics inspired her project. She said her current research focuses on queer reproductive ethics, particularly regarding transgender pregnancy and access to assisted reproductive technology in France.  

“As a philosopher, I’m concerned with how knowledge is produced and what we do with that knowledge as social and political subjects,” Drouillard said. “Philosophy is literally translated from the Greek as ‘lover of wisdom,’ thus a goal of philosophers is to be wise, like Ody the Owl. I hope my project helps us become better owls.”  

Tollison, provost and vice president for academic affairs at The W, said Drouillard was selected after a month-long open application open to the school’s faculty. 

“Dr. Drouillard crafted a fantastic proposal that promises to make a significant contribution to our campus and our community,” Tollison said. “Her vision aligns perfectly with multiple strategic priorities at The W, particularly in creating a welcoming and inclusive climate for all.


Jan. 20, 2022
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