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    Welcome to Education!
    Welcome to Education!
    Welcome to Education!

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A Message for Current Students

Stay Connected

New undergraduate students: Maintain open communication with your Student Success Navigator. Your Navigator is your initial professional mentor, guide for student support, and advisor for success in your major. All undergraduate students who are interested in early childhood and elementary education will work closely with the School of Education’s Navigator. Community college transfer students will also work with The W’s Community College Partnerships Navigator, Matthew Robinson. Contact information for Navigators is found on the Student Success Center's website.

Returning undergraduate students: Similarly, if you are a returning student, you need to maintain open communication with your academic advisor. Your advisor may still be a Navigator or you may have been transitioned to a faculty advisor. School of Education students who need to verify their academic advisor should contact Christi Dillon in the Education Department office.

Secondary/K-12 undergraduate students: Undergraduate education students who are not pursuing an Early Childhood Development B. S. degree (ECD) or Elementary Education B. S. degree (EE) are Secondary/K-12 students. This set of teacher education programs is offered through partnership between the School of Education and the College of Arts & Sciences, and students in these programs are College of Arts & Sciences majors. Please contact your program’s department in the College of Arts & Sciences for advising. A list of all Secondary/K-12 programs are found here (please select the program of interest to view that department’s teacher education website): https://web1.muw.edu/education/undergraduate/secondary

Graduate students: Meet with your major’s Program Coordinator. Your Program Coordinator will serve as your academic advisor and will keep you informed about what you should do to maintain successful progress in your graduate studies.

Hyflex course offerings: The School of Education offers some of its undergraduate courses in “Hyflex” format. As outlined on the Registrar’s Delivery Methods page, a Hyflex (hybrid flexible) course enables students the flexibility to attend in some combination of face to face, synchronous online, and asynchronous online. Course interaction requirements, including the amount of synchronized or real-time live class interaction expected, depends upon the course design established by the class instructor and approved by the Chair of the Education Department and Dean of the School of Education. Students are encouraged to review the course schedule’s “Delivery Method” to determine which classes are in Hyflex format and may contact the instructor of record listed on the course schedule with any questions about participation and class interaction requirements.

Your Advisor: Meet with the faculty and staff who support you and your success in your major. Select a faculty or staff member’s individual photo in the School of Education’s Faculty & Staff Directory for additional details such as office number, office hours, and teaching schedule.

Stay Informed

Be familiar with program policies and procedures in the MUW undergraduate and graduate bulletins, the MUW academic calendar, and all related student handbooks. While all education faculty and staff are here to provide guidance and support, students should become very familiar with all relevant published policies and procedures.

Be familiar with MUW offices and their websites. Students will find an alphabetical listing of all campus offices, departments, and many important campus committees on the Directories page, which is also found on the MUW homepage “Quick Links” tab.

Students should become familiar with all campus offices, including the following: Registrar (for transcripts, graduation info, etc.), Financial Aid, and University Accounting.

Explore this website. There is a tremendous amount of information about all of the education majors offered at The W, related opportunities for education-based experiences offered through student programs and the departments of the Child and Parent Development Center (CPDC) and Outreach and Innovation (O&I), as well as community-based support provided by the School of Education throughout our surrounding communities. Students looking for practical education-based work experience should explore opportunities within the School, particularly as student worker staff at the CPDC and with Jumpstart.

Follow the School of Education's social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for essential student updates throughout the year.


If you have any questions or would like more information, give the Education Department a call at (662) 329-7175.

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