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QEP Topic

The MUW (Quality Enhancement Plan) QEP is entitled “Cultivating Intellectual Curiosity” and, broadly speaking, it aims to “create a culture of intellectual engagement on campus.”

The goals of the QEP are to help students to understand how they learn, to promote active learning, and to support students as they pursue their intellectual interests both in and out of the classroom.

By encouraging student engagement and active learning, we encourage the development of self-motivated learners—students who produce knowledge as opposed to passively consume it. 

 Students will “take ownership of their own learning” by mastering the necessary skills, processes, and tools needed to articulate and develop research questions, figure out how to approach the problem, do the research, and discover and report the answer, whether individually or as a group.

 Through the QEP we will prioritize “academic curiosity” and training in the skills necessary to pursue those interests, creating a culture of intellectual engagement in the process.

Read the MUW Quality Enhancement Plan (.pdf)