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Technology/Digital Learning PLA Courses


Creating with Canva: This course will introduce participants to the online graphic design tool, Canva. Participants will learn how to create resources for their classroom, as well as how to teach their students to use this program to create assignments and projects.

Cyber Smart: Being active online has all kinds of benefits: from keeping in touch with friends and family, learning new hobbies or skills and being able to access the online services increasingly being offered by organizations, businesses, and educational institutions. Of course, as well as taking advantage of the benefits, it’s vital that everyone learn about cyber-safety as well.

Digital Citizenship: Being Kind Online: This course is designed to introduce participants to basics in online etiquette as it relates to students as well as the idea of “Digital Citizenship." The goal of the course is to provide a basic overview of topics that make up Digital Citizenship and how they can be introduced to students with the purpose of making a more positive experience for others.

Distance Learning Production: Moving Lessons Online: This course is designed to introduce participants to several basic tools, including YouTube, Google Slides, and Google Forms, that can be used to record, produce, and distribute lessons online.

Prezi 101: A New Way to Present: This course will introduce participants to Prezi and explain how to use the program to enhance presentation skills.

Seven Wonders of the Web: This course will introduce, guide, and demonstrate seven innovative websites that will give educators the necessary tools, sites, and activities to enhance their classroom instruction.

Teaching Keyboarding: Milestones for K-8: This course is designed to introduce participants to a keyboarding curriculum that is adjusted for students starting in Kindergarten through to early middle school. The purpose of this course is to demonstrate that keyboarding is more than just accuracy, speed, and repetitive practice, but can be integrated into any curriculum.

Tech Tips for the Technically Challenged: Are your computer files in disarray? Can you find your favorite pictures or home videos? Are you familiar with new ways to present your ideas? Understanding and organizing your computer is vital for reaching maximum productivity at school, work and home. From the novice to the expert, everyone can learn to use new ideas for enhancing their technology knowledge.

Virtual Learning Crash Course: One of the biggest struggles in the virtual classroom is making true connections. We all know that building relationships is vital in today’s classroom. Strong relationships with students, parents, and other educators is the first step to success. This course will walk participants through different ways to build these positive types of relationships, not only in a virtual setting, but also a traditional setting. Finding ways to motivate students to be intrinsic learners in a new setting can be a challenge, but this course can help.

Zoom, Loom, and Google Classroom: Have your students told you they miss group work? How about putting them into break-out rooms in your weekly Zoom meetings. Explore this idea and more to keep students motivated. There are many new resources available to help educators teach in their new online classrooms. These resources can be overwhelming and full of the unknown. Through this course we will explore many tools and look at how they can be the most helpful now.


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