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Health and Wellness PLA Courses


Active Classroom: Participants will learn about the positive relationship between physical activity and learning and how to incorporate physical activity in the teaching of academic subjects.

Basics of Nutrition: Participants will learn the tools needed to create healthy eating patterns and how to incorporate this routine in daily food choices.

Food Allergies in the School Setting: Children with food allergies are a growing population in today's schools. This course will seek to inform educators not only of the symptoms and treatment of food allergies, but also how to best serve these students who may be placed in their school. Topics covered include safety, symptoms, and treatment of food allergies, as well as how to make the classroom inclusive and supportive of students with food allergies.

Fostering a Healthy Classroom: Participants will gain a foundational knowledge of health and they will learn strategies to encourage health in their classroom.

Making a Bully-Free Zone: Participants will learn about the different types of bullying and prevention techniques to help those at risk.

Managing Stress in a World of Chaos: Stressed has become a common descriptive of adults as well as children in our society. This course will seek to inform participants not only of the symptoms and causes of stress, but also how to cope and manage stress. Topics covered include recognizing stress symptoms and stressors, and coping strategies in order to manage stress in the home/classroom.

Moving through Academics: Our bodies were made to move! In this course, we will explore the elements of dance and learn how to use them to teach in the academic setting. We will look at the difference between activities that use movement and activities that are integrated with dance elements. The examples that will be shown focus on Science and Math concepts, but the movement strategies that will be introduced can be modified for any topic or lesson. All of these activities are designed for the academic classroom, and can be adapted for any age.


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