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Our office is currently moving our website to a new platform. You can see the latest version here:

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Continuing Education for Culinary Educators

Mississippi University for Women provides continuing education opportunities for culinary educators through our online Professional Learning Academy (PLA).

Each six-week course is completely online and self-progressing (you can complete all assignments at any point within the six weeks). Each PLA course earns 2 CEUs.

Registration per course is $65.00 and is non-refundable.  The registration fee includes your CEU certificate. Basic computer skills and high speed internet are required.

The Professional Learning Academy has gotten an upgrade! You'll now see the following features:

  1. A brand new registration website. Participants can create their own login and register/pay for courses within the new website.
  2. After registering and paying for a course, participants will immediately have access to the course.
  3. Participants will still have six weeks to complete each course, but they have the option to complete the course sooner. As soon as all assignments are submitted and graded, participants will receive their certificate.
  4. All certificates will now be digital! After completing a course, participants will be able to download a PDF version of their certificate.

These are some big changes, but have no fear - we will be here to answer any questions! Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 662-241-6101 with any questions about the new system. 

Courses currently offered:

How to Teach Students Culinary Math - Participants will learn how to keep students engaged and how to incorporate culinary math in the classroom and in everyday life.

Menu and Recipe Development - Participants will learn about the "language of food" and how to accurately create menus and recipes. 

Nutrition for High School Teachers - Participants will learn about the core components of proper nutrition, including understanding food labels, recipe modifications, and weight management.