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Elementary Education - Entering Freshmen

The “Educator as Reflective Decision Maker” is the model for the conceptual framework for the educator preparation programs at The W.



Suggested Course of Study for Entering Freshmen

Freshman Year

First Semester

EN 101 English Comp I
UN 101 Intro to College Life
PSY 206 Human Growth & Dev.
COM 101 Oral Communications
MU, TH, or ART Appreciation
Concentration Course

Total: 16-17 hrs

Second Semester

EN 102 English Comp II
GEO 101 World Geography
Natural Science with Lab
MA 113 College Algebra
Social Science

Total: 16 hrs

Sophomore Year

Third Semester

Any Literature
Natural Science with Lab
Concentration Course
MA 111 Modern Math I

Total: 16-17 hrs

Fourth Semester

Any Literature
Science without Lab
ED 297 Instructional Technology I**
MA 112 Modern Math II
Philosophy Course
Additional Concentration Course (if needed)

Total: 16-19 hrs

**Students graduating in 2022 (May 2022, July 2022, or December 2022) are exempt from this requirement. 

Junior Year

Fifth Semester

ED 200 Education as a Profession
ED 302 Art and Science of Teaching*
ED 304 Principles of Early Childhood Learning
ED 306 Intro to Exceptional Learners
ED 311 Elementary Residency I
ED 361 Early Literacy Instruction I*

Total: 18 hrs

Sixth Semester

ED 297 Instructional Technology I
ED 360 Educational Psychology
ED 362 Early Literacy Instruction II*
ED 365 Content Area Reading
ED 367 Elementary Residency II
ED 390 Classroom Management

Total: 18 hrs

*Critical Pathway Course - Course requires a B or above

After completing Block 2 Education courses, students who have a 3.0 GPA on the most recent prior 60 credit hours OR who have earned a 21 or higher composite ACT score OR who have completed and passed the MDE Praxis Core exam may apply to become an Elementary Education major if interested.

Senior Year

Seventh Semester

ED 405 Teaching Math in Ele. & Mid. Schools
ED 410 Teaching Social Studies in Ele. & Mid. Schools
ED 412 Teaching Science in Ele. & Mid. Schools
ED 434 Teaching Literature & Language in Ele. & Middle Schools
ED 435 Elementary Residency III
ED 466 Reading Assessment and Intervention

Total: 18 hrs


Eighth Semester

ED 452 Educational Measurement
ED 406 Teacher Internship

Total: 12 hrs

Notice Regarding Repeat Coursework

Please note: Beginning August 2020, each undergraduate education student may repeat an education course or core required course once. Students who do not achieve required minimum grades after two attempts, beginning August 2020, will not qualify to continue in the respective program(s) depending upon each program's minimum grade requirement. This restriction applies to all current and new undergraduate education students either in the Early Childhood Development Major, BS or the Elementary Education Major, BS.

For those students in the Elementary Education Major, BS who completed Critical Pathway Course ED 361, ED 362, or ED 366 with a grade of "C" or better prior to August 2020, that grade will be honored as passing, and the student will not be required to repeat the course.


K-6 Licensure

K-6 Licensure requires 18 hours (36 total) of Content in two areas (Math, English, Social Studies, Science). Undergraduate students should work closely with the School of Education Navigator to identify concentrations and be advised accordingly.


*Updated July 2022 - SoE

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