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Providing secure facilities for the students, faculty and staff of The W is a very important responsibility of Facilities Management. Building security can only be achieved by controlling access to our facilities. Security is a compromise of convenience. The more secure a building, the less convenient it will be for the occupants. The more convenient for the occupants, the less secure the building. Issuing keys allows us to record and regulate who has access to our buildings. Building security is a responsibility this department takes seriously. Controlled access not only protects students, faculty and staff, but also the property belonging to The W.


How do I obtain a key?

If you need to obtain a key, have your DEPARTMENT HEAD / SUPERVISOR complete the key request form below, followed by a work order. In order to record your key transaction, we need your name, title, department, employee identification number, building and the area(s) the key(s) will operate. Our locksmith will then cut and issue the necessary key(s). The key(s) will then be assigned to you in our key program. Before we can issue the key(s), you will have to sign a key agreement. The key(s) then become your responsibility.

Please do not contact the locksmith directly. We only have one locksmith and he has a significant workload. If you have any questions, please call the Facilities Management Office at 329-7396.

There will be a small charge for having a key cut. The charges are listed below. Any department which has keys cut will be charged at the end of the month. The department will need to send an interoffice purchase order to the Facilities Management for the amount owed.

Key Charge Rates
BEST Keys $3.00
All other Keys $2.00


What if I lose my keys?

If you lose your keys, you need to notify the Physical Plant office and your department head/supervisor immediately! We will then assess the situation to determine which areas will be affected by the lost keys. Once that is determined, we will provide a cost estimate for rekeying and cutting new keys for the affected areas. We will not issue replacement keys until this cost is settled. Any request for replacement of lost keys must come from your department head/supervisor.


What if I change jobs?

If you take a job elsewhere, you need to return all of your keys to the Personnel Office during the discharge procedure. All keys that are assigned to you must be returned for the discharge to be complete. If you are changing jobs within the University, you need to turn your keys in to the Physical Plant office. You will then be assigned new keys for your new area. If you do not return your old keys, you will still be considered responsible for them. Turning in your old keys relieves you of that responsibility.



Having a key duplicated without permission from the Physical Plant is against policy. Disciplinary action may be taken if you are found duplicating University keys. For security purposes, our locksmith is the only person who has permission to duplicate University keys.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this procedure, or are unable to access the work order system, please contact the Facilities Management office at x7396.

Facilities Management

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