• Your Actions Make A Difference

    It’s easy to contribute to campus sustainability efforts! When you leave a room, turn off the lights, put your computer in power save mode, and unplug all charging devices not in use. Walk to class, don’t drive, and drop your recycling into a Blue Recycling Bin along the way.

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  • Campus Carbon Sink

    A two-acre underused section of campus now functions as green space. The W community uses the area for recreation and relaxation, all while its grasses and trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and clean the air.

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  • Colorful Biodiversity

    A variety native perennials welcome local insect and butterfly species. These campus areas support biodiversity and brighten our days.

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Green spaceCOLUMBUS, Miss. -- Construction is under way behind Kincannon Hall to provide W students with another location on campus to gather and relax.


The green space will have seating for socializing, eating or studying. The area will also have an automatic sprinkler system and trees to add aesthetic value. 

Currently, the project is in the beginning phases of irrigation and landscaping. More than 6,000 square feet of sod will be put down. The space also will be fenced.

Sirena Cantrell, director of Housing and Residence Life, said, “I am excited about this green space that will allow students to gather and build a community.”

The project is being funded by Housing and Residence Life. Construction started this summer and is projected to end this month.






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