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Your Actions Make a Difference

students walking and bicycles in a rack

It’s easy to contribute to campus sustainability efforts! When you leave a room, turn off the lights, put your computer in power save mode, and unplug all charging devices not in use. Walk to class, don’t drive, and drop your recycling into a Blue Recycling Bin along the way.

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Water Fountain Replacement

filling a water bottle in the water fountain

A water fountain replacement program is underway across campus.  The new fountains are a complete filtered cooler and water bottle filling station in a consolidated space saving ADA compliant design.

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A Brighter Future: LED Lighting

energy efficient street light

The W lights up the night with energy-saving LED street lights. Combine that with energy-efficient lights in the majority of classroom and office buildings and The W’s carbon footprint is shrinking.

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Green Space

students relaxing on green space.

A two-acre underused section of campus now functions as green space. The W community uses the area for recreation and relaxation, all while its grasses and trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and clean the air.

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Energy Savings

ginkgo leaves falling in front of residence hall

The state Institutions of Higher Learning has established a goal of reducing by 30 percent the energy use of public universities by the end of FY 2015, compared to an FY 2006 baseline.

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Planting The Future

flowers in garden

A variety native perennials welcome local insect and butterfly species. These campus areas support biodiversity and brighten our days.

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