Nursing Learning Resource Center


Computer Lab

  • Please respect your fellow students by keeping the noise level down while using the facilities.
  • There is a printer available. Printing is charged at 10c per page. Printing double-sided still counts as 2 pages!
  • Legal paper is available on request, also charged at 10c per page.
  • Please recycle unwanted paper, still charged at 10c per page.
  • When finished using the computer, please exit out of the Nursing Lab Apps by clicking the X on the top menu and selecting Power Off.
  • Food and Drink is NOT allowed in the Computer Lab.

Library and Library Materials

  • Cataloged Reference and Media material is NOT allowed out of the LRC, unless requested by a faculty member.
  • All Reference materials should be returned to the correct shelf location after use.
  • Library catalogs are available online or in hard copy in the LRC on request.
  • Food and drink is allowed in the Student Library.  Please put trash in the cans provided.

Viewing Rooms

  • Water is allowed in the Viewing Rooms. (NO FOOD)
  • Media for viewing will be pulled for you by the LRC Coordinator. Once viewed, please rewind all VHS and switch off all equipment. Return remotes to the LRC Coordinator.