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Degree Completion

The W recognizes that Degree Completion requires recruitment, retention, and support through graduation and into a career. We aim to provide wholistic support for all students throughout their time at the university.

GOAL: Recruit a diverse student body to ensure a vital university community
The W will engage in recruiting a diverse student body for its undergraduate and graduate programs. With a commitment to its mission of providing a liberal arts education and professional programs to prepare students for a wide range of careers, the university will support current majors and programs, while developing new programs targeted to prospective students’ interests and goals.
  • Support broad-based recruiting across the university while providing for the direct recruitment of students by academic programs (undergraduate and graduate).
  • Encourage programs/departments to adjust curriculum to meet student interests.
  • Enhance the student onboarding process to promote success, retention, and degree completion.
GOAL: Provide equal access to advising, mentoring, and support services to all students
With a continued emphasis on academic advising and related support services, The W will help students choose academic pathways that match their interests and skills and lead to completion in a reasonable time. The W will support students with services such as peer mentoring, tutoring, and career counseling to meet the needs of the whole student to ensure retention and progress toward a degree. Equivalent support services should be made available to residential, commuting, and distance students.
  • Enhance the promotion of student support services.
  • Enhance and provide equal access to student advising (e.g., Degree Works, Navigators).
  • Support the offering of services in multiple modalities.
GOAL: Assist students to maintain financial, physical, emotional, and mental well-being
Acknowledging that students’ financial, physical, emotional, and mental well-being are directly connected to student success and degree completion, The W will continually review scholarship structures, disbursements, and work-study opportunities to assist students with identified areas of financial need. The W will also support students’ financial, physical, emotional, and mental well-being through mentoring, counseling, advising, and health services. 
  • Assess different scholarship opportunities for underserved populations (financial need).
  • Provide more on-campus work opportunities.
  • Provide for the physical/emotional/mental well-being of students through the promotion/awareness of services (Counseling Center, Campus Recreation, Student Health Center, etc.).
  • Provide financial education and intervention programs (financial literacy education, financial early alert, etc.).
GOAL: Support students through degree completion and into their careers
To connect students with desirable outcomes of degree completion, The W will ensure that academic programming provides students with competitive knowledge and skills that translate into leadership in their careers by providing opportunities for internships, preceptorships, conferences, and other professional engagement.
  • Streamline processes and partnerships, including utilization of advisory boards, to allow for more opportunities for internships/preceptorships/conferences and other professional engagement opportunities.
  • Promote funding of faculty and staff for professional development that will enhance career readiness of students.