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Summer Development Program

The Summer Developmental Program was established by the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning to assist students who do not meet regular college admission requirements in making the transition to college. The program is designed for motivated students who desire the opportunity to demonstrate basic academic skills for college entry work. Successful completion of the program prepares the student for intermediate level college courses in English, reading and mathematics.

Required summer classes
MA 099, pre-algebra
ED 099, reading
EN 099, writing
LS 099, Academic Support lab

The cost per hour for the summer developmental classes is the same as for other university courses, and financial aid is available for qualified students. Contact the MUW Office of Financial Aid for information about the SDP Grant as well as other types of financial aid.· Application for financial aid should be made as early as possible. Books for each class are also required and may be purchased during orientation. Please check the current MUW Bulletin for information about tuition, financial aid, housing, and meal costs.

Requirements for Entering the Fall and Subsequent Semesters
Students must pass all four summer courses with a grade of "D" or better to be able to register for the fall semester. Fall registration must include the following intermediate level courses unless higher level courses are recommended by instructors and advisors.

  • Basic Writing, EN 100
  • Intermediate Algebra, MA 100
  • Reading for College, ED 100
  • Academic Support Lab, LS 101

The only required course for the spring semester is LS 102, College Study Skills and lab.

Please call 662.329.7138 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.

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