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Dr. Judie Granderson Holmes ('71) wants to provide hope for veterans.

Granderson Holmes’ son, Richard E. Holmes II, an eightyear U.S. Army veteran, lost his life after having difficulty returning to and re-integrating to civilian life post active duty. The Richard E. Holmes II Memorial Foundation, Inc. was established four months after his death on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2001, specifically to connect veterans with the personal and financial resources to transition back to civilian life.

“The purpose of the foundation is to provide a safety net for our returning heroes and their families. Those who suffer from PTSD, traumatic brain injury, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, alcoholism or such impairments typically find it very challenging to reintegrate once they detach from the military,” said Granderson Holmes.

To make an impact for veterans on campus, Dr. Holmes and The Richard E. Holmes II Memorial Foundation established The Holmes II Veterans Memorial Scholarship.

“All too often our heroes when they return home, unfortunately because of their debilitating illness, can lose family, friends, homes, etc., and consequently struggle to maintain the desire to push ahead. Here is where the foundation is poised to step in and provide needed resources for these veterans and their family,” explained Granderson Holmes.

With the $15,000 initial investment, the endowed scholarship fund gives first priority to veteran students.

Dependents and military active duty are given second and third priority, respectively.

“We’re not only reaching out just to the veterans, but if there is a child of a veteran parent who suffers, then that child may need some kind of help as they move to that next level in the educational setting,” said Granderson Holmes.

For Granderson Holmes, this is her son’s legacy. She described him also always willing to give a helping hand.

“Oftentimes we never know where that helping hand is going to come from. But if they [veterans] could live in the spirit of hope, knowing that if I do my best, I always have hope then my needs are going to be supplied,” said Granderson Holmes.

To learn more about the Richard E. Holmes II Memorial Foundation, please visit www.reh2.org