A new approach to writing

Creating a poem in a social media platform restricted to 140 characters. Writing in an electronic medium with hyperlinks that take the reader to non-linear stories. Interacting with published authors and poets at the annual Eudora Welty Writers’ Symposium. These are some of the ways in which 11 graduate students in the university’s new master of fine arts in creative writing are expanding their skills, their thinking, and their professional prospects.

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Coming of Age in Japan

Not only was Mississippi University for Women senior Ashley Morgan able to mark her 20th birthday at 20,000 feet in the air, she was also able to celebrate it in a place where turning 20 is like being a rock star.

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Getting Out There

Before boarding the plane, all Sarah Lewis could think was ‘I should have practiced the kisses.’

The senior from Starkville had previously traveled all over the United States and Vancouver, but she was about to embark on her first journey across the pond. With Spain on her ticket, she was about to spend almost a month in a new city, at a new school and with a new family.

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Listening, Analyzing, Acting: The W refocuses its student emphasis

 The W Refocuses on its Students

It started in September 2012 with listening. A lot of it. Six campus dialogue sessions, facilitated by Pensacola-based branding and communications firm idgroup, provided insights into how stakeholders view The W and what they value about the university. Some very important messages emerged.

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