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If you haven’t been on campus lately, you are missing a real treat to the eyes! The ginkgo trees have begun shedding their bright golden leaves as winter approaches. Grass is green and the campus with its many historical buildings looks as lovely as you can imagine.

Elaine EvansAfter seven years of meticulous planning and work, gone are the construction barricades around Poindexter, and the renovated building is just a magnificent structure. What a delight to hear our inspirational alum, Elizabeth Gwin, Class of 1930 give an extemporaneous speech at its re-dedication telling about her classes and experiences while a student under Miss Weenona Poindexter for whom the building is named.

President Borsig has been busy visiting various groups while sharing the good news of what’s happening at The W and our plans for new growth. New faculty and staff are bringing new excitement to some old programs.

Our membership is growing! If you haven’t paid your dues, please do so. All it takes is at least a $40 contribution to the MUW Foundation to become an active, voting member. Local chapters have either begun meeting again or planning to start soon. If you have questions about your area or would like to start a chapter, Andy ThaggardLyndsay Cumberland, interim director of Alumni Relations, is willing and ready to assist. Please either give her a call at (662) 329-7126 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please know that your co-presidents are excited about all the good news and great leadership we are witnessing. We will be happy to help you or work with you in any way possible. We want each of you to plan to be on campus for April 19-20, 2013, so we can have a wonderful Homecoming!

Elaine Logan Evans, Class of 1970
Andy Thaggard, Class of 1994
MUW Alumni Association Co-Presidents, 2012-2013