Jenny Katool

The opportunity to give back to an organization or entity that has given so much to you is a privilege. That opportunity was afforded me in the form of service as Chair of the MUW Foundation. I am honored to work with the Foundation Board, a dedicated group of alumni and friends who are leaders in their respective fields and communities. These individuals are giving a great deal of time and using their expertise to direct the W toward achieving unprecedented heights in giving, which will fund improvements and scholarships that will ultimately benefit every student.

A standard of excellence was set by previous Board members through their years of service and personal fiscal commitment to the Foundation. Those recently fulfilling their terms include Sue Freeman, Virginia Hughson, Paula Mabry, Erica Woodard and Alma Turner. New members accepting the challenge to continue their legacy include Toodie Jones, James Threadgill and Karen Reed. The commitment to be a part of the success of our beloved W does not rest solely on the shoulders of these leaders. Many alums and friends from all walks of life have stepped up to give back to an institution that has stood the test of time. The W has served all of us who have left our footprints and a piece of our hearts on this beautiful campus. These donors who chose make a charitable contribution in fiscal year 2021 are listed in the pages of this publication, and will always be remembered for the opportunities they helped create to change lives, one student at a time. Our historic first major gift campaign was publicly announced in June 2021. More information on this campaign and the positive impact it will have on scholarships, athletics, facilities, programs and endowments is explained in detail in our feature story, so be sure to check it out. No one with any sort of tie to the W wants to miss out on being a part of these exciting enhancements to our campus and the creation of a significant difference in the lives of our students.

If you haven’t visited the W recently, check out the calendar at and make plans to visit the campus. Recent events included Oktoberfest and the Welty Gala featuring Elizabeth Vargas, an Emmy award winning journalist who has been a correspondent and anchor for Dateline NBC, Today and 20/20, and currently hosts A&E Investigates. The exhibition “Intersections of Gender and Place” was featured at the Mississippi University for Women Galleries. I encourage you to enjoy all the W has to offer, even for those of us who are no longer students. While there, walk the campus and allow all those treasured memories of your time on campus to come flooding back. It will bring a smile, maybe a laugh, and a renewed love for such a special place. Hope to see you there.

With Heartfelt Thanks,

Jenny Katool, Class of 1978
MUW Foundation Board of Directors