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The W Leadership Academy


The W Leadership Academy provides leadership training and mentoring to faculty and staff who exhibit the potential to grow the university and lead it into the future.

Two distinct versions of the W Leadership Academy are offered in alternating years.

The Emerging Leaders program engages participants with monthly workshops. Workshops include guest speakers, discussions, and presentations. Between sessions, participants work on group projects, meet with mentors, and read recommended books.

The Middle Managers program involves five workshops focused on the needs of new department chairs and unit directors. Taking a more practical approach, participants will engage in hands-on training and discussion about the skills and tools they need to achieve their goals.



Regular Sessions

The W Leadership Academy meets throughout the academic year, with hands-on training and discussions to develop the university's leaders.

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Team Building

With a class size of sixteen, W Leadership Academy participants have an opportunity to build meaningful relationships with colleagues from across the university.

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Guest Speakers

Participants will get the opportunity to hear from thought-leaders in higher education and organizational leadership.

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Middle Managers Nominations

Department Chairs or Unit Directors new to their positions who are interested in the Middle Managers Program for 2019-20 should contact the dean of their college or cabinet member for nomination. Nominations must be received by August 30th.


2019-20 Sessions

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The W Leadership Academy will host workshops with participants. Workshops will include guest speakers, discussions, and presentations.

All sessions are scheduled on Friday afternoons, from 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m. in the Gail P. Gunter Multipurpose Room in Fant Library.

Session Dates:

Sept. 27
Nov. 1
Jan. 24
Mar. 20
May 4