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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fine Arts


The BFA in Fine Arts is a professional degree for students who want intensive study of the visual arts. The BFA in Fine Arts is divided into areas of studio emphases, which provide the individual student’s focus for their program. The Art and Design Department offers emphases in Drawing and Painting; Graphic Design; Printmaking; Photography; and Ceramics.  All emphases in the BFA programs share the same requirements in General Education Curriculum and Art Core but vary in the Major Courses requirements.

Prospective Art Students



The Foundation classes at the Department of Art & Design teach the fundamental skills (including software skills), concepts, and thinking processes of design and drawing, and apply those to hand crafted projects, digital assignments, and to personal projects. This curriculum emphasizes craft, hard work, multi-staged idea-development, formal analysis, and critical thinking.

Foundation Courses

Do I Need to Take Foundation?

All entering freshman art students will must take their foundation art courses. Freshmen will be eligbile for their portfolio review after completing or in the semester in which they will complete their foundation art courses.

Students who have transferred all equivalent foundation courses from other institutions will complete one full semester of coursework at The W before their Portfolio Review.


Portfolio Review

All incoming students who wish to enter the BFA programs of study will begin with a PRE designation until they enroll in and successfully complete ART 200, the Portfolio Review. The designations (“PRE-Fine Arts-St-Graphic)” for those wishing to pursue Graphic Design, and “PRE-Fine Arts-Studio Art” for those wishing to pursue Studio Art) serve to aid in advising and denotes what area of study the student is interested in pursuing. 

All PRE Art students are required to enroll in ART 200  The Portfolio Review Course as well as submit a portfolio of work from foundation art courses to be reviewed by the art faculty. This review is essential to gauge students’ potential for success, evaluate their mastery of fundamental skills, and provide an opportunity for reflection through self-assessment, all of which are necessary in order to face the challenges of upper-level coursework.

Students will be advised the semester before they are eligible for the Portfolio Review to enroll in ART 200 and will be given more complete instructions at that time. If deferred, students are allowed to reapply only once to pass the Portfolio Review, and this reapplication must be in the student’s next semester at The W. Failure to pass the Portfolio Review will render the student ineligible to seek the BFA degree.


Art Core

All emphases in the BFA programs share the same requirements in General Education Curriculum (see Degree Requirements) and Art Core Curriculum. These courses will help the BFA student achieve an understanding of a multitude of media and disciplines.

Art Core Curriculum


Emphasis Area

BFA students may choose from five areas of emphasis for their study.



All art students are required to participate in the MUW Juried Student Exhibition in the freshman, sophomore, and junior years. BFA students must participate in the senior exhibition the year they intend to graduate.


Degree Requirements

The BFA in Fine Arts requires 124 semester hours, including 52 total hours taken in The W's Art & Design Department.

Program Requirements

NOTE: Some courses required in the major will also fulfill requirements for the University Core Curriculum. Students should always meet with a faculty advisor for information on course scheduling, course rotation, course selection and to plan the most efficient program of study.



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