American Studies Minor

The American Studies minor at The W encourages students to explore the culture and history of the world around them. American Studies is interdisciplinary, so it allows students to integrate various fields of inquiry relating to American peoples and the American past. By approaching American culture from a variety of perspectives and disciplines, we create a fuller picture of what America is.

American Studies

History Minor

The history minor is an excellent complement to a number of majors, including Creative Writing, Political Science, Communication, and English. For anyone broadly interested in the past and the nature of change over time, the history minor allows you to explore history coursework in time periods and themes that appeal to you.


Human Geography Minor

The Human Geography minor at The W encourages students to explore the world. Geography is the study of space and place, and geography courses ask students to observe and question spatial patterns and cultural similarities and differences throughout various regions of the world.

Human Geography

International Studies Minor

The International Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that helps students understand the contemporary global environment---essential in an era in which more and more careers require familiarity with foreign societies and cultures and with international institutions and behaviors.

International Studies

Medieval and Renaissance Studies Minor

The Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor at MUW encourages students to explore the various fields of scholarly inquiry into the fascinating period between c. 500-1650 CE.

Med-Ren Minor

Political Science Minor

The Political Science minor provides a valuable supplement to a student’s baccalaureate degree. Those interested in broadening their education to include analysis of political institutions and behavior will find the minor program very beneficial.

Political Science

Pre-Law Minor

The Pre-law minor helps students from a broad range of disciplines prepare for law school. While there is no one major that is best for pre-law students, there is broad consensus around the importance of taking undergraduate courses that require rigorous analytic thinking, research, writing, and oral communication. This minor will help students develop those skills and abilities and develop a close relationship with one of our three pre-law advisors on campus.


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