History Minor

The history minor is an excellent complement to a number of majors, including Creative Writing, Political Science, Communication, and English.  For anyone broadly interested in the past and the nature of change over time, the history minor allows you to explore history coursework in time periods and themes that appeal to you.  The minor requires 18 history hours in history.


  • Survey requirement: 6 hours in either World History or U.S. History (HIS 101 and HIS 102 World Civilization surveys OR HIS 109 and HIS 110 American History surveys) 
  • Upperlevel requirement: 12 hours at the 299-level or above


If you would like more information about the history minor, please contact the department chair:

Dr. Erin Kempker
1100 College Street MUW-1634
Columbus, MS 39701
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main office: 662-329-7386

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