Music Education - Choral

Music Education at the W

A degree in Music Education from the W is a practical degree with a curriculum that prepares graduates to be successful choir directors and music teachers in not only Mississippi, but anywhere in the country. While at the W, music education majors are eligible for music major and ensemble scholarships. This program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.


What will we learn?

The music education curriculum includes training in music theory and history, music performance through private lesson study and ensemble experience, music methods courses, and courses in teacher education. Students develop advanced skills in singing, rehearsal pedagogy, selecting repertoire, and ensemble preparation.

Some of our former graduates are:

  • Teaching at K-12 institutions in Mississippi as well as neighboring states
  • Have taught music abroad
  • Are playing music in the military and in professional orchestras and bands

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General Education Curriculum

(39-40 Semester Hours)

See General Education Curriculum Requirements

Teacher Education Majors are required to pass the following courses with a C or higher as part of their major and their General Education Curriculum.

  • MA 113 - College Algebra or higher Math except MA 123 (3 semester hours)
  • COM 101 - Oral Communication
  • PSY 206 - Human Growth and Development


Major Courses

(for course descriptions, see the Undergraduate Bulletin)
(grade of C or better required)

MUS 101 - Theory I
MUS 102 - Theory II
MUS 103 - Theory Lab I
MUS 104 - Theory Lab II
MUS 105 - Introduction to Music Literature
MUS 121 - Major Piano, Voice, Brass, Composition
MUS 122 - Major Piano, Voice, Brass, Composition
MUS 201 - Theory III
MUS 202 - Theory IV
MUS 203 - Theory Lab III
MUS 204 - Theory Lab IV
MUS 220B - Brass Instruments
MUS 220PR - Percussion Instruments
MUS 220S - String Instruments
MUS 220W - Woodwind Instruments
MUS 221 - Major Piano, Voice, Brass, Composition
MUS 222 - Major Piano, Voice, Brass, Composition
MUS 301 - History Of Music
MUS 302 - History Of Music
MUS 305 - Form and Analysis
MUS 306 - Arranging and Orchestration Techniques
MUS 315 - Conducting
MUS 316 - Choral Conducting
MUS 320 - Music Education Materials and Methods
MUS 321 - Major Piano, Voice, Brass, Composition
MUS 322 - Major Piano, Voice, Brass, Composition
MUS 325 - Secondary Music Methods
MUS 421 - Major Piano, Voice, Brass, Composition


Select Music Ensemble: (7 Semester Hours)

MUS 106 - Jazz Ensemble
MUS 108 - Instrumental Ensemble
MUS 110 - University Chorus
MUS 112 - New Horizon
MUS 114 - Chorale
MUS 115 - Chamber Singers
MUS 116 - Male Ensemble

Secondary Music Sequence: (4 Semester Hours)

Piano majors will take four hours of Secondary Voice or Instrument; all other Music majors take the Group Keyboard Skills sequence.

MUS 107 - Group Keyboard Skills I
MUS 109 - Group Keyboard Skills II
MUS 207 - Group Keyboard Skills III
MUS 209 - Group Keyboard Skills IV


MUS 127 - Secondary Piano, Voice (4 semester hours)


Other required courses include:

BSB 101 - General Biology I
BSB 101L - General Biology I Laboratory
BSB 102 - General Biology II
BSB 102L - General Biology II Laboratory


Professional Education Requirements, K-12:

(Minimum grade of C required)

ED 300 - Education as a Profession
ED 302 - Art and Science of Teaching (Minimum grade of B required)
ED 306 - Introduction to Exceptional Learners
ED 401 - Teacher Internship Seminar: Classroom Management
ED 407 - Observation and Directed Teaching Grades K-12
PSY 360 - Educational Psychology

Note: Students wishing to obtain teacher licensure must meet the requirements for Admission to Teacher Education (after completing ED 300) and the requirements for Admission to Teacher Internship (before entering ED 401).


General Electives: (1 Semester Hour)

In addition to the requirements of the major and the General Education Curriculum requirements, an additional 1 semester hour of coursework is required to meet the requirments of a Bachelor of Music degree. Suggested course: MUS 242 - Computers in Music

Total Hours Required for a BM in Music Education: 129 Semester Hours


Performance Proficiency:

Applied study is offered in class and private instruction. Generally, beginning instruction is carried out in class lessons. Private lessons are for one hour per week. Students enrolled in major applied are required to perform in a jury exam at the end of each semester.

A piano proficiency exam is required of all Bachelor of Music majors. All Music Therapy students must also demonstrate proficiency in guitar. All Music students are required to participate in a Performance Class once each semester after the first semester.

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