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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The W is on a mission to create a welcoming, diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus climate for all. As the university strives to reach the highest levels of academic excellence, it is also essential that the university foster an environment where all members of the campus community can flourish. Diversity recognizes the value of varied perspectives, which helps drive innovative solutions to an ever-changing world.

GOAL: Create an inclusive and equitable campus climate reflective of the growing diversity in our communities, state, and nation
We will work to create an environment in which all campus community members, including those who are underrepresented, are welcomed and supported, and differing perspectives and contributions are sought out and valued.
  • Conduct first university-wide climate survey.
  • Develop toolkit for conducting search committees.
  • Develop central diversity, equity and inclusion education and training resources for faculty, staff, and students designed to develop skills and behaviors that ultimately will enhance our campus climate.
GOAL: Communicate mission and or vision statement on inclusive values
Diversity crosses all aspects of the university community. We will communicate and promote widely to all key stakeholders, The W’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion to ensure all know they are welcomed here.
  • Create tab off homepage showcasing diversity efforts.
  • Create diversity video from the president.
  • Include diversity statement on publications.
GOAL: Connect internal and external constituencies to opportunities at the university
In understanding the needs of the campus community, we will work to connect communities to one another to create a sense of belonging, trust, and credibility for all groups, including internal and external stakeholders of The W family.
  • Promote affinity groups on campus.
  • Educate vendors about bidding opportunities.
  • Connect students with alumni.
GOAL: Capture, promote, and enhance overall curriculum and programming that enhances multicultural awareness and understanding
We will work to create opportunities for the campus community to gain awareness of cultural differences, to be open to diverse perspectives, and to have the ability to interact effectively with people different from themselves.
  • Promote academic and cultural programming, internally and externally.
  • Promote Common Read Initiative (CRI), internally and externally.
  • Cross reference themes and education in the classroom and/or programming, where appropriate.